August Loots

Posted by Tom on September 2, 2011

So I got another box from HLJ today. I ordered this using SAL shipping, but it took about two weeks to get here which is surprising since I was expecting this in another week or so. So what did I get?

Ta-da! Master Grade Delta Plus, a white Action Base for the new backdrop, and Hobby Base’s 1/144 Mechanical Hands. The hands had me very interested since I first saw them at the Shizouka Hobby Show, I’m gonna be using it for my Real Grade Freedom Gundam (whenever I can buy it). I’ve heard lots of negative things about this MG, but hopefully I can enjoy it. Unfortunately, my Delta Plus didn’t came with one of those Gundam.Info promotional card, so either HLJ forgot to put mines in, or I lucked out…

As for progress on RG Strike Gundam, it’s been pretty slow. But I am working on it. It’s been slow mostly on school, but my parents seems to think that my hobby is for kids… -_- So…

I’ll be building this in the mean while. Nothing special, just straight build and then topcoat. Hopefully I’ll try to finish it by next week.


11 Responses to “August Loots”

  1. Aya said

    my parents have no trouble with kids hobby but yeah maybe those throwing money problem ^^

  2. Laurence said

    Can you try the 1/144 mechanical hands on one of the MG wing kits? Not sure whether they would fit, if they fit I’m gonna get a set to fit the kits I’m currently waiting on ><

  3. O_O

    woogh delta plus :)

    nice loot man

  4. zoidiect said

    oh hey, Delta Plus. and yeah, i am very interested with those palms, kinda trying to get some

    and oh hey, Ecoas :D

  5. aptkane said

    Dude, nice! I’ll be interested to see those hands in action.

    Don’t worry about your parents, mine never understood either. You could try to explain how prominent it is in Japan, but I doubt that would help. Besides, its a different culture/generation – I just spent 120 bucks on a Masterpiece Optimus Prime, lol and I’m 30 and married.

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