More Gunpla Gets!

Posted by Tom on September 12, 2011

So um, this morning I was suppose to go to the hobby store to buy some paint to finish up RG Aile Strike, and I kinda went… astray… with the purchase… ^^;.  So yea no more buying for me and the next month or two. I kinda have an idea with what I want to do with the Epyon and the Reborns, but I’m not really sure if I can pull off the effect I want with spray cans. For sure though, after the RG Strike, I’m gonna do the ECOAS Jegan, and then probably take a break to concentrate on school, and then come back around the Christmas time or so. Next post should be a the last (hopefully) WIP for the Strike Gundam in the next couple of days.


14 Responses to “More Gunpla Gets!”


  2. B-Mecha said

    wow.. that will definitely burn a bit hole in your wallet

    I was thinking to ask u to join Jesta Group Build :D

  3. Hikarunu said

    what is the round sticker on Reborns box?

  4. canopy said

    Hahaha, you are surely “addicted” to gunpla. :D

  5. zoidiect said

    lemme guess. you wanna do gradiation or shading effects? :D

  6. Man
    Nice loot Lol
    I want the red frame too =/

  7. maknaedik said

    OMG! Reds again!!!

    Unfortunately, I sold my Red Frame. Good news is, I’m gonna buy a new one next year prolly :)

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