Real Grade Aile Strike Done!

Posted by Tom on September 13, 2011

Got this done after I came home from my morning class. It’s finally done. What do you guys think? Review will be up when I’m not swamped with work haha ^^;. Oh, and I just played the Ace Combat: Assault Horizon demo a while ago, and I’m still super excited about the game. It is a bit difficult to control the plane (it’s like there is a small millisecond delay when you want to move the plane) and the helicopter almost got me killed because of the confusing controls, but I’m gonna accept those challenges. Now if only they’ll release that special edition over to America, I’ll buy it in a heart beat. I guess it’s Ebay then for the soundtracks…


12 Responses to “Real Grade Aile Strike Done!”

  1. what do i think? its GOES WELL! really suites the color on the strije =3.

  2. canopy said

    Now, this is a good color combination tom. :) Nice work there.

  3. zoidiect said

    ncie color yo

  4. The colour really fits Strike! It don’t look out of place at all… XD

  5. Tom said

    Thanks guys! :D

  6. aptkane said

    Dude, the Strike looks awesome! Nice work! I’ll keep an eye out for the review for sure!

    What system is the demo for AC on?

  7. Nice, I especially like the red on the shins, felt like a nice color scheme balance from head to toe :D.

    Ooo Ace Combat, epic dramatic music while dogfighting!! XD
    Another game that made me wish having a current-gen console T_T.

    • Tom said

      I’m pretty sure when the next gen console rolls out, you’ll have more games to play with this gen’s console then the ones who bought the new ones.

  8. chubbybots said

    Great choice of colors bro!!! Will wait for your review ^^

  9. heathorn said

    Color scheme is sometimes very subjective, but I like this!! :)

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