RG Strike Review Up + Some New Test Shots

Posted by Tom on September 22, 2011

The review for my RG Aile Strike is up now. You can go here or use the Real Grade tab I just made. Unfortunately for me, the photos were taken before I bought the second lamp so sorry about the shadows of some of the shots. :(

So what do you think of the new lighting. I also had to change some settings for the camera, but I think everything looks a lot better now. Pics after the jump.

Suggestions are much appreciated.


2 Responses to “RG Strike Review Up + Some New Test Shots”

  1. 00kaiser said

    Love the tone color on that Freedom wings =D

  2. Q said

    Lighting with 2 lamps is good. I still need to get a 2nd for myself for future photoshoots orz

    It would be interesting if there are different backdrops available compared to just white, but don’t be like me and just throw a towel or even a pillow case over the computer screen and let it be so (yes I’ve been doing that for some time now) ^^;

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