Loot for September

Posted by Tom on September 29, 2011

Got a small package from the mailman today. This time it’s from Gundamplanet, which is a store based in New York, so for anyone living in the east coast of North America, I recommend trying them out. Pricing is decent, and they allow you to do a small review for a kit you purchase. But before we get into what I got, I have a little rant to do. If you don’t want to read, then you skip to the jump.

This is for that god awful, slow paced, inaccurate, piece of s**t, excuse of a delivery company call FedEx. In all my years of online shopping, I have never seen this bad of a delivery then I have right now. This package was shipped on the 21st and just got here at the time of this post. And you might be saying, “oh that’s not too bad, it’s between 5-10 days right?” NO!!!!! That’s crap. Why is it that USPS and UPS have better delivery rates, but they are 3x more accurate then FedEx? This package was sent from New York to Texas in two days, but the problem was that… instead of going to Austin, it was sent to places like Hutchins, Dallas, and Houston… WHAT?! Is this some stupid excuse to justify the 5-10 day wait period? And you guys might be saying “Well, why are you complaining, you got your package right?” I’ll get into another reason why I’m mad later, but by the time I finally did got this box, you know who was the one who delivered this box? The mailman who works at the United States Post Office. Yes, the workers at FedEx either was too stupid or too lazy to delivery my mail, that they gave it to the USPS to do the job for them. So I’m left sitting wonder what the f**k was going on and the only conclusion I can come up with is that FedEx hires people who can’t read or look at a map, or this is how they justify the 5-10 day wait period. Now compare to UPS and USPS, not only is the cheap shipping much cheaper, they come more faster and more accurately then FedEx. When I ordered something from GundamStoreandMore with UPS, it comes in 3 to 4 days! When GGinfinite sent my replacement parts with USPS, it comes in 2-3 days! When I order something with FedEx it comes in 1.5 to 2 weeks! That’s laughable. And I’m never using this PoS delivery service ever again. You guys suck balls in comparison to USPS and UPS. F**K YOU FEDEX! /end rant
Anyways, enough ranting what did I get?

I got the Master Grade F91 and Master Grade GN-X, and a gray real touch marker. The white one is a bonus that Gundamplanet does, if your order is 100 dollars or more, they’ll throw in a gundam marker for free. Now the other reason why I’m mad that this package came late is the cards on the F91 box. The Gundam.Info cards are now useless too me, and I planned this too, I was gonna order, and then estimate that shipping was going to take about 5 days roughly, but that didn’t happen. sigh, freaking FedEx.

My current project so far is my MG Infinite Justice, which I had for almost one year. I though it was time that I finally finish him since all I did was straight build him. So far, I’ve done a two tone inner frame, with the elbow, knee, hip, and ankle joints in metallic charcoal, and everything else in anodized bronze, both from Rust-Oleum. Not sure when I’ll finish this since I can’t make up my mind about the color scheme. Current ideas include a Blast Impulse scheme, a white, blue, black scheme, a color scheme sorta like Keita’s Strike Freedom (I’m trying to steer clear of that though), or just paint it in red. I’ll think of something soon.

I’ll see you guys later, oh and no Thoughts on Gunpla for this month. There really weren’t a lot of new announcments this month other then one or two things.


4 Responses to “Loot for September”

  1. 00kaiser said

    I really need to get my hands on that f91 gundam ><""""
    the kit is really nice and one of my Favourite MS :D

  2. zoidiect said

    man, sure it sucks when the shipping gives all the problems

  3. Ouch, that was worse than when I found out that my HGFC Master Gundam & Fuun Saiki doesn’t include the card.
    Anyway, yay F91!! XD

  4. aptkane said

    Dude, I know…I hate FedEx. I think they can be that slow because they can afford to be that slow. USPS has to bust its a** just to make ends meet, and UPS is just efficient.

    Nice loots though! the F91 is super cheap these days and I’d love to find a Harrison Custom, I’ll check out Gundamplanet for sure!

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