Posted by Tom on October 2, 2011

I HATE being sick with all my life. It’s mostly sore throat with coughing for about 3 weeks, but GRRRRRRRR >.<

Anyways, work is slowed down until I feel somewhat better. For now, I have some ideas for the scheme of the Infinite Justice after the jump





I’ll go back to doing the usually things now, sleeping, eating rice soup and the likes now.


3 Responses to “ugh…..”

  1. Ouch, get better soon. :)
    I liked #2 the most, but with #3’s stripe on the wings.

  2. daymien said

    I like the first one the most, for some reason it reminds me of Freedom~

  3. Zero13 said

    Hey i was surfing the net about gundams and i came across your blog! And i was just wondering did you draw those color schemes by hand or did you use some kind of program? It is pretty cool and i want to try it :)

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