Master Grade Infinite Justice WIP 1

Posted by Tom on October 7, 2011

After about a week of coughing, I think my health has gotten better to where I can at least start painting again. In this case, I’m starting with the head. And instead of waiting for my hobbystore to slowly stock up on Tamiya paints, I went to the hardware store and picked up some Valspar paints, and I’m pretty satisfied with them so far. Of course, I’m going to use Tamiya paints if I have to, but Valspar is just as good in my opinion.

In other news, Sunday is when the first episode of Gundam AGE airs, but I’d rather wait until at least a couple more episodes are out before I make a first impressions.

And R.I.P Steve Jobs. I have never bought any of your products, but damn were you one hell of a marketing genius.


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