Thoughts on Gunpla: October 2011 All Japan Hobby Show Special!

Posted by Tom on October 14, 2011

With the 51st All Japan Hobby Show now in motion, it’s time to see what lies in store in terms of Gunpla releases for the next coming months. First let’s all admire how awesome the MG Full Armor Unicorn looks under some black lights. In my opinion, they stand out a lot more then the red psycoframes could, and looks pretty sweet. Another thing is that this thing is a Ver.Ka, but the Katoki decals seems underwhelming ^^;. Perhaps I’ll change my opinion when I see better pictures.

Boxart for the Full Armor Unicorn and it’s many, many accessories. Let’s count them: two Beam Magnums, two Hyper Bazookas, two Hyper Beam Javelins, three shields, 4 grenade launchers (I think that’s what they are), six containers for missiles, and six beam gatling guns. Which brings me back to my question of why isn’t this called “Unicorn Gundam HWS (Heavy Weapons System)? This kit retails for 8400 yen and releases in decemeber.

The new Master Grade announcement is the MG Heavyarms EW (aka Ver.Ka). And as expected of an EW kit, it’s looking pretty nice. I think it looks a little bulkier then the old 1/100 HG version, but it suits the Heavyarms overall. And it can open missile hatches on the skirt armors alone with the shoulder and leg launchers… Heavyarms Missile Burst Mode! XD The only thing I’m not crazy about is that the missiles in the shoulders and the leg containers are probably going to be molded into the parts, so painting those things are going to be a PITA.

Accessories for the MG Heavyarms EW. The gatling gun is expected, but Bandai is also throwing in a shield that goes over the gatling gun I suppose, the combat knife that the original Heavyarms used in the TV show, and the beam saber arm that Heero Yu used when he piloted Heavyarms against Zechs in the the TV show. Not sure how the beam saber will connect into the arms, but I’m pretty sure the knife is going to peg into the arm pretty easily. Nice move, Bandai. MG Heavyarms EW is going to retail for 3800 yen and is going to release in January of 2012.

MG Sandrock EW looking nice as always. Looks like the red “heated up” swords are going to be clear red. I think they should have been more of a red orange solid color, since if you put the clear red blade in the hilt, then it looks like Sandrock is wielding a pair of beam swords… which they’re not. Another thing I wonder is if the sword blades will be chromed finished or is it going to be that silvery plastic. Priced at 3800 yen and drops on October 27.

With that, I now wait patiently for the Sandrock Custom, Heavyarms Custom, and the Nataku to be release. And I honestly don’t really care for a MG Leo or Tallgeese, I still don’t really see the appeal those MS have. Maybe the Tallgeese two and three, but I guess that’s just me.

The 1/48 Mega Scale Gundam AGE-1 Normal is shown in color now. The LED in the chest and the head looks really nice. Too bad I’m not getting this. It’s expensive for a kit this simple, and it’s really big, and I honestly have no room at all. Retails at 8925 yen and is coming out on december.

New in the HG AGE line is the HG G-EXES. And the design looks like a slight mixture of the Genoace and the AGE-1 Normal, with Batman ears on the head. XD I’m going to assume this is a mass production version of the AGE-1 but it’s obviously not going to be as good as the AGE-1. I can be  mistaken though. Retailing for 1200 yen and release on decemeber.

HG Bapto, another Unknown Enemy mobile suit from Gundam AGE. I’m going to assume that this is the heavy tank unit for the UE. Doesn’t really do anything to me, but then again, I’m not crazy about anything that looks like a tank (like ZZ Gundam). December release for 1500 yen.

The boxart for the HG Zedas looks pretty cool. And when then hell does it wield that blade like weapon? November release for 1500 yen.

Genoace Custom boxart. Pretty much an all white unit with a wolf head symbol on the shield! That’s kinda interesting. Release in december for 1200 yen.

Some better colored images of the AGE-1 Titus mode (and boxart) and the AGE-1 Sparrow Mode (I’m not calling it “Spallow” because it sounds dumb). We’ll have to see what these modes can do, but I’m pretty sure what their roles are just by the design. Titus mode comes out on november for 1200 yen and Sparrow mode comes out on december for 1200 yen.

If only the Real Grade Freedom would come with similar beam effect parts like this diorama. It’ll make the purchase feel so much more complete. ^^

Looks like the return of the super long beam saber blades from the Real Grade RX-78, which I wasn’t  a big fan of. And boxart is pretty much in line with the other Real Grades. Release in november for 2500 yen.

Another angle of the diorama.

More images of the HGUC Zee Zulu from Gundam Unicorn. That boxart would make Freddie Kruger proud I think ^^;. Release in november for 2200 yen.

New shots of the HGUC Dra-C. Looks to be an unpainted version on the clear base. I can see some red thrusters and gray bits will be needed to painted in. November release for 2000 yen.

The boxart for one of the weapon set that Bandai is planning to release. Keep in mind that these are for 1/144 scale kits, but hopefully Bandai will release some in 1/100 scale.And it looks like you assemble them like you would on an action figure.

For those who like to mix and match their weapons in FPS games, I’m pretty sure you’ll have a fun timing creating that perfect weapon for your model kits. Lots of options for custom made weapons that’s for sure. The EXP001 Weapons System 1 comes out in december for 1200 yen EXP002 Weapons System 2 comes out in january for the same price.

And for those who likes to have mechanical bases for dioramas or other things can grab the EXP003 System Base for 945 yen on december.

Essentially, Sword Impulse Beginning Gundam. Looks nice though, I’m not gonna lie. HG Beginning J Gundam release in decemeber for 1600 yen.

Nice contrast to the Beginning J, and at least the beam rifle doesn’t look weak either. HG Beginning D Gundam release in late decemeber for 1600 yen.

The last time I’ve seen pupils on an SD Gundam is back in the 90s with the old Wing Gundam SDs. But the SD AGE-1 looks just like the newer SD Wing EW in terms of proportions. I’m pretty sure there will be option stickers for those who feel creeped out by the pupil eyes. These AGE-1 SDs are in planning stages and release date isn’t out yet.

For a guy who’s actually a fan of Gundam Seed (It’s what got me into Gundam, so I have some respect for it, Seed Destiny though is a different story) this offering for the 10th anniversary is kind of a joke. The kits are pretty much getting re-released with slightly different colors, new packaging, some decals, and I guess some effect parts. But these old HG Seed kits didn’t age very well, and with the new technology being used for recent HGUC, HG00, HGAW, HGFC, and HG AGE, these kits can not only look 3x better then they did back in the early 2000s, but have better mobility as well.  And better part separation. Well, I guess it gives me a reason to buy the HG Aegis. I bought that thing so long ago, and did a terrible job with it. And it’s my first HG, so it kinda makes since. All these are being release for 1000-1200 yen on november. You can go here for what the effect parts can potentially look like (the GINN has the best one in my opinion XD).

There’s one new announcement though, the LaGOWE. I’m pretty sure it’ll use some parts from the BaCUE though. On sell in feburary of 2012 for 1300 yen.

Some non-bandai things that cought my eyes

This Armored Core kit looks freaking badass and I kinda want one. I actually have kept an eye on some of these kits, but some of them are kinda too big to fit on my shelf and some are kinda pricy. This one is being release in spring of 2012, price to be announced.

I’m gonna admit that I never played Zone of the Enders 1 or 2, but they have some cool designs. I think ZOE HD collection for PS3 comes out this year, so I might give this series a whirl. Release in spring of 2012, price to be announced.

Is this called “Blaster” or “Braster”? Whatever it’s called, it look cool as hell and I really want it. And it’s 1/144 scale (I think) so an even better plus. I don’t know much of this unit besides that the trailer I saw for Super Robot Z2 back in the summer. Again, Spring of 2012 release, priced to be announced.

And that’s about it for the 51st All Japan Show. Anything I missed, I’ll either make a part 2 or talk about it when the Hobby magazines come out later this month.

So what are on your guys wishlist. My to buy list hasn’t really changed much (RG Freedom, HG Grfran, I do want to get my hand on one of the weapon sets, 1/144 SRW Z Blaster.) and the buy later  list got some new things, ok not really (HG Aegis, MG Full Armor Unicorn). There were somethings that were missed out like the Metal Build Freedom, and no new PG announcements. What about any model kit lines for the Gundam the Origin series? I guess we’ll get some info in the coming months.

As usual, all pics and info are from Gundam Guy.


11 Responses to “Thoughts on Gunpla: October 2011 All Japan Hobby Show Special!”

  1. maknaedik said

    Yeah, I agree that the Sandrock must have red-orange effect parts instead of red.

    I’m still positive and hoping that the missiles for its shoulder armors are separate parts T_T

    I still can’t get why HG kits from Unicorn are more expensive. On the second thought, they are actually bigger. So maybe that’s the reason.

    I don’t really care much about remastered HG kits from Seed. What I want them to make are remastered 1/100s.

  2. Q said

    I heartily agree with you that Full Armoured Unicorn should really be called something like HWS Unicorn; there’s no extra armour but extra armament on it! Though shoving all sorts of weapons onto the Unicorn is not the most creative or appealing idea I have to say.

    Recently revealed new AGE mecha designs such as Shaldoll and G-Exes aren’t bad, but they look very similar to those from Full Metal Panic (which are also from the same mech designer). Baqto looks a bit too bulky for my taste, but Gafran and Zedas do look rather cool for now despite very different from usual Gundam-franchise designs.

    Dra-C looks tempting, especially with a throwback to something more like a fighter/interceptor concept. LaGOWE was a rather unexpected annoucement despite SEED 10th anniversary, but later is better than never I suppose. I wonder whether more new SEED/Destiny Gunpla will be released in the future though.

    • Tom said

      I think if the G-Exes has a bit more bulk in the legs, then it would looks perfect to me. I was sorta hoping for from Bandai. Like new waterslide sets, and announcing some MG for Gundam X.

  3. Aya said

    wow rebooting HG Gundam seed line that’s a surprise

  4. aptkane said

    I’m going to throw in my “I agree w/ FA/HWS” argument too. Plus, I not a fan of any MS carrying an arsenal of weapons, it always seems kinda…goofy.

    Heavy Arms looks good. If I wasn’t in a rut and backed up by about 10 kits, I’d absolutely look to pick it up.

    • Tom said

      Good thing I’m waiting for the Heavyarms Custom to show up haha. I like the duel wielding, double barrel, gatling guns a little more, but this gatling gun looks kickass.

  5. Might want to wait for a few more months for further HG/RG releases here. Although I’ve set my sights on the Zedas for some reason… XD

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