Time For A New Project

Posted by Tom on October 25, 2011

After several weeks of wondering, I think I finally got the color scheme I want for this guy. Took a while, I had like six ideas for the Delta Plus; standard OOB with topcoat, all black, all blue, a red and white color scheme, a standard Gundam colors, or a Hyaku Shiki colors (last resort). This is going to be one of my entry for the G-Shot competition that GundamGuy is hosting.

This is what I have done on my MG Infinite Justice. And I know what you guys are thinking, but now that I got Delta Plus’s color scheme floating in my head, I’m finding it hard to concentrate on this guy (besides school work of course). So I’m gonna box this kit until I feel like coming back to this guy.

First WIP for the MG Delta Plus soon, where I’ll go over what I have in mind.


4 Responses to “Time For A New Project”

  1. canopy said

    The Infinite Justice!!!! What have you done to the reds???? Feels like Strike Justice lol.

  2. zoidiect said

    the blue goes well with the black there :D kinda looks like a Windam

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