New Announcments From Gunpla Expo 2011

Posted by Tom on November 4, 2011

Wow, how awesome is this, two hobby show in about a month and we got so much new announcements. For this post, I’m gonna stick with the new stuff and leave out old things that we already know.

Kicking off with the Master Grades, the Gundam AGE-1 Normal is shown off. As expecting of Bandai to release a lead mobile suit from the new series. I do have some complaint on the looks of the MG. While it does almost match the line art of the AGE-1, I think this design really benefits from a slightly bigger shoulders, slightly bigger forearm mount, and some “beef” on the legs.

I’m sorta wishing the MG AGE-1 would look like the 1/48 scale, but the master grade is being release in february, so maybe the looks can changed by then.

And following the MG AGE-1, bandai is planning to release the Titus, Sparrow, and Gafran in 2011; MG AGE-1 Titus in march, MG AGE-1 Sparrow in april, and the MG Gafran in may. And while I might be passing on the entire MG AGE-1 line, there’s no way in hell I’m skipping the Gafran. No pics or prices of any of these, perhaps some times around december we might see some prototypes.

It was hinted that a new Seed master grade was going to be announced, and how fitting it is, that we are getting the MG Duel Assault Shroud. With this, I think it’s very likely that the Aegis, Buster, and Blitz have good chances in getting master grades. The giant “Restart” gives some hope. At this rate, I’m gonna have to get all five  haha. But watch, there’s going to be a MG Aile Strike HD Colors re-release, just like how Bandai re-release the Wing Gundam ver Ka as the Wing Gundam EW. Duel is schedule to be release in februray, just like AGE-1.

The Type 94 Base Jaber. It looks like a space sled that Unicorn can get on in order to traverse large distance I think. I’m assuming so, judging by the pictures. I’m more interested if the MG Full Armor Unicorn comes with parts to attach the propellent tanks on, or if it’s a separate release similar to the MG V-Dash pack.

Yea, it looks kinda ridiculous. But I think with some modifications, a couple of HG Fuun Saikis, and a HG Sinanju, you can probably make a santa sled of sorts lol… Actually forget I even said that. Price and release date to be announced.

This HG LaGOWE looks more cute then it is deadly haha XD Feburary release for 1300 yen.

I think it’s now confirmed that Bandai will continue to re-release these old Seed HGs in HD colors. Looks like the Mobile CGUE, BuCUE, Forbidden, Raiden, Calamity, Justice and Freedom will be next after the Strike, Aegis, Blitz, Duel, and Buster. Not sure about the release dates, but the prices are probably going to be the same as they were when they first released.

Bandai also teased some new HG Unicorn kits behind this Secret glass panels of sorts. From the look of things, I believe it is the High Grade Banshee in both Unicorn mode and Destroy mode, and I can’t tell if it’s a Z’Gok or that ugly Acguy elephant thing.

Yea, this ugly abomination here. Of course, it could be the capsule thingy (is that what it’s called?) but in any cases, I already have a HG Unicorn Gundam Destroy mode, so right now none of these “secret” reveals really interest me much.

As most people know, coming in the April  edition of Hobby Japan is the 1/144 HG Grand Slam. And a nice touch is that it apparently comes with extra hands and joint parts. Very nice. I would like to get my hand on one of these.

Looks like Bandai went the Perfect Grade route for their Real Grade Strike Gundam, because now they are releaseing the RG Sky Grasper which comes with the sword and launcher pack for your RG Strike Gundam. And while I’m pretty happy with my RG Aile Strike, this is a nice release for those who wants the full package. Comes out in feburary for 2500 yen.

And apparently Bandai is now releasing a new lines of SD called Legend BB Warriors

Legend BB Command Gundam

Legend BB Musha Gundam

Legend BB Knight Gundam. Bandai, I want a Master Grade of this, please and thank you.

And the exclusive that you can buy at this expo… in japan. I want that chrome AGE-1. It’s so shinnnnnyy. *.* Shinier then that PG RX-78 Gundam Titanium Finish! O.O

That’s what I found interesting. If any new information comes up, then I’ll update this post. But yea, I think 2012 is shaping up to be the year of Seed and AGE, just like this year was the year of Wing. Overall, this show was decent but it lacks so many things. Where’s the love for Gundam X and Turn A Gundam. No new PG? Nothing on Gundam the Origin? And what about new water slide decals? There hasn’t been a new release in over a year now. Come on Bandai, get your game straight.

As usual all info and pics came from Gundam Guy. The pic of the Jougg, or what the hell it’s call, is from the Gundam wiki.


9 Responses to “New Announcments From Gunpla Expo 2011”

  1. bd77 said

    The HGUC Banshee Destroy is a get for me. =D

    Ah, the capsule-like MS? That’d be Kapool.

    The HG Seeds kits, I give them a total pass.

    • Tom said

      I wonder if the Banshee will come with gatling guns?

      • I don’t think that’ll happen though. I’m guessing similar runners from the HGUC Unicorn kits, but with different colors and a separately-molded horn/V-Fin/i dunno… XD

        Still, might consider the RG Skygrasper set… if I plan on buying the RG Strike Aile at the same time… XD

  2. 00kaiser said

    Can’t wait for the RG SKY GRASPER! finally can have the LAuncher PAck and the Sword PAck *3*

  3. zoidiect said

    kinda a bit disappointed with them packing up Sword and Launcher with Skygrasper. dammit, i only want RG Sword Strike!

    kinda interested with Grand Slam too. not the sword, but the joints

  4. maknaedik said

    Notice the picture for MG Duel? Actually, there’s a picture that shows all of them four. It can be found here:

    Bandai didn’t confirmed that they’ll be making all MGs, but that picture is enough for you to speculate that they actually will. Now my question is, will Bandai make Verde Buster and Blue Duel MGs as well? If yes, then I wish Bandai makes Nebular Blitz as well.

    Wow, Bandai is really getting aggressive in releasing Age kits. It really shows their faith in this show. Though they’ve announced that these kits will be released early next year, I really haven’t thought they’d be released one month after another. Also, the Gafran. That caught me by surprise. I hope it doesn’t end up like MG GN-X and be successful so that Baqto, Zedas and, hopefully, its alternate color also gets an MG treatment.

    The secret HGUCs are actually not secret. It’s so obvious that it’s the Juag, Banshee DM and Banshee LM (Lion mode because it’s a Lion, LOL)

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