MG Delta Plus WIP 2

Posted by Tom on November 8, 2011

Been a little slow, but I have been getting the inner frame painted. The arms, chest and waist area also flat coated.

Unfortunately, this and another batch haven’t been flat coated yet. Once the weather clears up, I’m going on a painting marathon.

Little something that came in the mail on Saturday. Since the color scheme is going to be changed, the white decals that the kit came with won’t show up very well, so I’ll be using a mixture of the Victory Gundam and Unicorn Gundam decals. The other Unicorn decals are for whenever I get another Unicorn.

Also went out today to buy me Modern Warfare 3 ^^;. Normally, I would have bought this on PS3, but all my friends jumped ship to Xbox 360… sigh, hopefully I’ll get one soon, I want my CoD fix after the flops of Black Ops.

School is almost done too, which means exams are about to come up, but I’ll manage my time for Delta Plus.

3 Responses to “MG Delta Plus WIP 2”

  1. aptkane said

    Lookin good so far!

  2. Elvin said

    When I get this I am going to Paint it in the colours of Hyakushiki :) The weather’s been a little $hi++y these few days so I painted most of my stuff from the garage.

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