MG Delta Plus WIP 4

Posted by Tom on November 22, 2011

He’s starting to shape up now. Working on the shield right now which I’m hoping to have done by tomorrow and start on the arms and legs. Hurray for Thanksgiving Break! :D

Of course when I’m not working on this, I’m on Modern Warfare 3 with my friends haha. Straight run for the finish now!

11 Responses to “MG Delta Plus WIP 4”

  1. zoidiect said

    That space camo :D

  2. maknaedik said

    Just WOW! This is still not done, yet, it already exceeded my expectation. I love the colors :)

  3. aptkane said

    Looks awesome buddy, I like the coloring for sure! Happy Thanksgiving! I’m going to shut the office down early today and get some work on my GM Kai myself…then play Assassin’s Creed Rev., YAY!>

  4. Q said

    Interesting colour scheme. it reminds me of the Zeta Plus~ I like how there are two different kinds of blue going across each other in a sharp but irregular pattern!

  5. heathorn said

    Nice subtle camo there!

  6. Yami said

    That looks pretty good especially the blue color which i really like it. Which paint do you use for the blue color?

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