MG Delta Plus WIP 5

Posted by Tom on December 3, 2011

The past week or so has been pretty rough. Any free time I get, I’m painting Delta Plus, and then I’m dealing with school for the rest of the time. Almost got a class dropped >.< Got to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Anyways, I got most of the whites for the arms and legs done. Just need to topcoat the shoulders, feet, and work on the rest of the blue parts and I can finally call it finish.

Earlier this week, I went to my hobby shop to see what they had, and lucky me because they just restock some kit, I picked up the MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G and MG Wing Gundam EW. I was going to get the MG Sandrock EW and painted in the Sandrock Custom’s colors, but the day I went to get Wing Gundam, someone bought it already… So I settled on the Wing EW. No idea yet with the 00 Gundam, but for the Wing EW, I have a potential resin conversion kit I have been looking at. Hopefully I’ll get it during the summer along with an airbrush system.

I’m continuing to get Delta Plus painted, but bad weather has been delaying that. Finals the coming week can also impend progress. And video games too ^^;.

Also it’s snowing on my blog! :O

One Response to “MG Delta Plus WIP 5”

  1. aptkane said

    I know it’s tough to balance sometimes, but if its any consolation, the Delta Plus is looking FANTASTIC! Keep it up (if you have the spare time!)

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