After much delay

Posted by Tom on December 16, 2011

He’s finally done. Took a chance when there was a break in the bad weather and topcoat the rest of the wing binders and the shield. I will admit that some areas didn’t turn out very well. You can tell if you zoom in, but from far away he looks great. With this done and submitted to GundamGuy’s G-Shot, I can now focus on HLJ Sci-Fi competition. And complying with the rules, I won’t be showing any WIP or pictures what so ever until the winners are announced. In the mean time…

Nothing complex, just a straight repaint into the Titans color scheme. I think it’ll look cool :)


5 Responses to “After much delay”

  1. zoidiect said

    looks properly Katoki’d there :D

  2. heathorn said

    Good luck for the G-shot!
    and waiting for the photo gallery ^^

  3. Hikarunu said

    i love the color u use for Delta+ XD

  4. aptkane said

    Oh man Tom, that looks AWESOME! Great job! The blue is perfect!

    After finishing my TTT Hi Mobility, I can sure say the Titans color scheme is a fun choice! The Jesta should look great!

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