Happy Chinese New Year!

Posted by Tom on January 22, 2012

May good fortune smile upon you and other things to that nature. ^^;

Anyways, I’m pretty sure that you guys are waiting for several reviews at this point; the MG Delta Plus, HG Jesta, and others. Truth be told, I’m going on a hiatus in case you haven’t notice. There are several reasons for this: the first is that school is starting, and I really need to concentrate for this semester. The second is because all of my gunpla are currently packed away in preparation for the move my family is having within a month or two. Because they are packed away, I honestly don’t feel like taking them out again and reviewing them. Once we have moved and settled down and I’m not swamped with homework, it’s back to gunpla business for me. I’ll still be around commenting and things like that, but for posting stuff, it can be a while. I’m hoping to start again by mid February or spring break.

Again, Happy Chinese New Year. What is it, year of the dragon? Here’s to a fun and great year!


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