Thoughts on Gunpla: January 2012

Posted by Tom on January 23, 2012

Oh Bandai. Just when I said I was going on a break, you come out of nowhere with these announcements that makes my wallet cringe… Anyways, on to news, I haven’t done these in a while haha. First big news, Master Grade Unicorn Banshee! I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who saw this coming, but I’m also pretty sure that this is the OVA version since it comes with the claw and the cannon. (is it a cannon?) Still not sure if it comes with the beam magnum and shield. Pictures are not clear enough to see if the psycoframe will be in clear orange or a frosty orange. Since I haven’t picked up the Full Armored Unicorn yet, this will be a worthy replacement. This comes out in march for 5500 yen.

Second big news is the next Real Grade, the RX-178 Gundam Mk 2. Going by the line art, it’s looking very nice. It’s not yet known if it’s the Titans or AEUG colors, but I have a feeling that it may be in AEUG colors. And of course, Bandai can then release the Titans colors, and I wouldn’t be surprise if they also decided to include the flying armor and g-denfensor (or whatever it’s call) in the future. April release for 2500 yen.

And to crush some people’s dreams, I have a very good feeling that a Real Grade Zeta Gundam will NOT be in the works. Why? Because if you make a RG Zeta that can fully transform as people will want it to, then it will be the most fragile kit in the world. It’s a loss-loss situation for the RG Zeta. If they can pull if off, I’ll be one of the first to tell you that I was wrong. On to HGUC stuff…

HG Delta Gundam looks very nice. And it will be gold plated I’m assuming. April release for 4400 yen. Truth be told, if it was molded in plain yellow, and at a nice 2500 yen, I might consider picking it up… :/

A new grunt suit for those who love grunt suits. The HGUC Nemo actually looks very nice. I’m considering picking this up and one or two different GMs and make my own custom grunt suit. ^^ Also to note that it will be in the colors that was shown in Gundam Unicorn episode 4. April release for 1500 yen.

The old HGUC Marasai and Zaku 1 Sniper are getting some recolor love to match their appearance in Gundam Unicorn episode 4 along with some different accessories. Both are march release for 1500 yen.

The HG Juagg, which was teased in december, is now shown in gray prototype. Aaaand… I still really hate this design. There’s just something that I don’t really like… >.> For those that do like this, it’s a march release for 1700 yen.

More photos of the new BB Legends Command Gundam, Musha Gundam, and Knight Gundam. I still would like the Knight Gundam in Master Grade though. Release and prices are still in the air.

Speaking of SDs, the new SD Gundam AGE-1 Normal looks really really nice. Man, the new SDs are looking better with every release. March release for 1000 yen.

With the first generation of Gundam AGE coming to an end, and the second generation coming soon, comes new model kits from Bandai. The Mega size Gundam AGE-2 Normal looks pretty nice, although I’m surprise at how expensive it is. It’s about 9000 yen for a kit that’s a blown up HG! For that price, it better had transform. Also a march release.

The new Gundam AGE-2 00 Raiser Double Bullet looks very cool in my opinion. I really like the AGE-2 Normal’s design so I’m excited to see how the next form will look after this. I haven’t seen any pics of this guy transformed, so it may not suppose to transform when in Double Bullet form. March release for 1500 yen.

The HG Adele from Gundam AGE also looks very nice. It sorta has a Jesta feel to it. I’m pretty sure if the blue was a little more darker, then it would looker even cooler. Another kit I would like to get my hands on. February release for 1200 yen.

The HG G-Bouncer looks cool, a nice upgrade from the G-Exes. Although it sorta looks like it uses the Sparrows legs, slightly different but still. Kinda cool how it has a blade boomerang on the shield like the Infinite Justice. Also G-Bouncer? Really? Couldn’t call it G-Exes Mk2 or something… And I don’t really care for the Genoace II. Both are february release, G-Bouncer for 1500 yen, and Genoace II for 1200 yen.

The HG Zeidora might not look out of place in Evangelion or something. I really dig the design though. But I’m kinda holding back since some pics makes this look kinda chubby and not as cool looking as it’s line art. February release for 1200 yen I think.

Another UE mobile suit, the Dorado. Looks to me the UE are now getting rid of the dragon mode that the old suits had, and are now sticking to more conventional (if that’s the right word to use on such designs) mobile suits. And it’s purple! Awesome right! :D 1200 yen and it’s being release in the next couple of days.

Finally got some nice images of the Master Grade Gundam AGE-1 in it’s Titus and Sparrow form. Both looking pretty nice, although I noticed that the hands of the Titus are the swappable kinds, like the MG Wing kits. Sorta disappointing but whatever. Titus is a march release for 3500 yen, and the Sparrow is an april release for 3500 yen I’m assuming.

Speaking of Master Grade Age-1, a box art is finally shown for the MG Gundam AGE-1 Normal. And although it looks nice, I’m kinda getting tired of the I’m-gonna-strike-a-pose-and-shoot-my-beam-rifle-with-one-hand pose… ^^;

The Master Grade AGE-1 Normal itself looks very very nice. I’m liking the panel linings that’s on this kit that seems to be missing from recent  Master Grade kits. So far the decals look to be the boring assortments of caution warnings and no fancy AGE-1 or Diva markings. Sorta disappointing. MG AGE-1 Normal is release in feburary and I believe it’s priced at 3500 yen or around there.

Also being released in feburary is the Master Grade Duel Gundam Assault Shroud. This is looking so good with every pics in magazines since december. I want it really badly. Priced at 4200 yen.

And although there are no pictures yet, it has been confirm that Bandai is working on the Master Grades of the Buster, Blitz, and Aegis. So I’m super excited for these to be reveal.

And last but not least, for those who like their loli in robot armor, then the Wing Gundam EW Girl action figure will be a nice gift to you. I’ll admit, she’s pretty cute and I’m pretty sure it’ll match well with the Robot Domashii Wing Gundam EW. May release for 4400 yen.

Wow that’s a lot of kits coming out in the next couple of months. There are some kits that I didn’t get to, but that’s because they are of no concern to me, or they aren’t news worthy to me. Anyways, MG Gundam Heavyarms EW should be release soon, and followed up with AGE-1 Normal, Duel Gundam, and Unicorn Banshee in the next 4 months or so plus more Master Grade kits from Seed, AGE, and Unicorn I’m sure will keep us busy for the year. Plus High Grades from Universal Century and AGE of course.

As usual, all pics and info from Gundam Guy.


18 Responses to “Thoughts on Gunpla: January 2012”

  1. Hmmn. My thoughts:

    – The RG Gundam Mk2 seems a more logical next RG release, judging from the trends of the line-up. I was expecting the RG Impulse or Exia though, but good call nonetheless…
    – I join you in the HGUC Juaggu: much like a badly bloated Acguy with that elephant tusk.
    – HGUC Nemo: I’ll be expecting a RG release later on of this.
    – HG-AGE Gunplas: Hmmn, the Zeidora and the Double Bullet seems appealing, but I’ll wait for the HG AGE-3 first… XD (BTW, I’ll be expecting some “ROLLING IN THE DEEEEEEEEEP~!” bits once the HG Adele gets released… XD)

    As for the MGs, It was expected already of Bandai to release the Banshee, the AGE-1, and the rest of the SEED Lineup (although they’ll be having some trouble with the Aegis later on… ^^)

    • Tom said

      If the AGE-3 is really going to be like what we saw a couple months ago, it might be possible for it to have a Deep Striker form. I wouldn’t hold breath on it though.

  2. For RG Mk-II… well I’ve had enough fanboying that in my blog, so I’ll save it at that :P .

    HGUC Delta Gundam is ridiculously expensive even if it’s gold coated. And since I wasn’t really impressed with HGUC Delta Plus (not much posing possibilities), this is definitely a pass for me.

    I liked Nemo, but sadly it’s kinda low on my priority list since there’s quite a bit kits that I liked more coming out.

    It’s kinda sad to know that Marasai and Zaku I Sniper uses the older mold with some extra parts instead of a whole new mold.

    Juagg… well… I’ll wait till somebody make a photo/comic of it with Beargguy ;^^.

    AGE-2 Double Bullet seems pretty interesting, as apparently the AGE-2 form changes doesn’t goes from simple Balanced-Power-Speed, but actually different functions. Still not getting it though :p.

    I’m not a fan of the grunts of both sides of the 1st generation AGE, but this 2nd generation suits sure looked interesting!!
    Adelle caught my eyes in a flash. It had a lot of things that I liked from a good grunt suit: simple, stream-lined, and looked like what a lot of trained people (military) would use. I saw some artwork that said “Adelle Diva crew color” that has darker blue as it’s color scheme and a number on it’s chest. If that gonna get a HG treatment, I’ll get that :).
    While G-Exes is almost a hit for me (I disliked the color balance where it’s white & gray everywhere except the legs which is all white), G-Bouncer did it for me. A nice design of a flying mobile suit, with silhouettes reminisce of 1.5 Gundam and openable thruster backpack like Tallgeese, this has a very high possibilities to be my first AGE kit.
    Genoace II is a recolor of Genoace Custom with a more sensible rifle. Bad design choice.
    While the color scheme of the Zeidora make it more fitting to be in a super robot universe, I really like where they’re going with the design. Okay, maybe it’s kinda losing the feel of UE being more animal-like rather than humanoid, but I guess that actually shows what works and what’s not. Also, the successor (Kronos) looked awesome with it dark color scheme.

    • Tom said

      I can’t wait for the Mk.2 as well. I think the Titans colors will be pretty interesting since different shades of blue/purple is more interesting then white. XD

  3. evolution said

    Wasn’t a fan of the first generation Age designs but the second generation ones are starting to look good. Also in my opinion I would have preferred the Banshee be black instead of dark blue. Why isn’t the Juaggu getting any love? It’s so ugly it’s cute.

  4. Jacques said

    The BB Legends will debut from April this year beginning with Knight Gundam but price seemed to be still unknown. I’m guessing the price range to be around 1,500 ~ 2,500Yen. And I also like how the new generation of SDs are turning out, the proportions are getting better and closer to their G-Generations look in games.

    I agree that that it would be difficult to roll-out a transformable RG Zeta Gundam, but if Bandai did plan for one, a non-transformable Zeta would be more plausible.

    • Tom said

      Thanks for the heads up on the BB Legends. If Bandai did made a RG Zeta that didn’t transform, then people will just complain about how it can’t transform…

  5. zoidiect said

    me eyeing SD AGE-1. and yeah, yay for gundam face for Adele. and oh my, HUGE BOOSTERS FOR G-BOUNCER

  6. aptkane said

    Nice…nice….I’m more interested in the Dual Gundam AS and Banshee. The only complaint I have about the Banshee design is the crest. For most of UC, the crest is a comm antenna. So why does the Banshee need 1000 antennas? It just seems that usually every UC Gundam has a design that is very functional and just about everything can be explained. The crest on the Banshee just seems like they went “no, make it have TONs of antenna!”

    • Tom said

      Well, the Banshee has the motif of a lion, similar to how the Unicorn has the unicorn motif. I think when Banshee’s V-fin opens up, the fin and collar area gives an illusion of “manes” around the head, similar to a real lion.

  7. bd77 said

    The RG Gundam MK-II, I always expected it to receive an RG treatment and be getting it also. The RG Zeta… those people who are dying for it better smell a month old sock as it WILL an engineering/construction nightmare.

    The Age-2 Normal, HG AGE Adele, HG AGE Zeidora and HG AGE Dorado… ouch… really ouch… Yes, those are a wants. XD

  8. canopy said

    Mmmmm yummy, the RG MkII is coming yay, it is a definite get :D
    While for Zeta, I can imagine the cracking sound when carelessly transforming it into the Wave Rider, so I think it will be a “No No” for the RG though…..
    And hey… the Gundam AGE-2 Raiser Bullet looks way cooler than the Generation 1 gunplas, waiting for this kit too..

  9. Hikarunu said

    lots of good incoming gunplas!
    too bad i will spend less on gunpla this year :(

  10. lots of new gunpla… mg duel is my new fave

    too bad i don’t have that much time to build gundam anymore

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