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Thoughts on 2012 Shizouka Hobby Show

Posted by Tom on May 19, 2012

It’s that time again for the Shizouka Hobby Show. Lots of expected goodies so lets get into my personal thoughts of the reveals and the show.
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Real Grade RX-178 Gundam MK-II Get!

Posted by Tom on May 17, 2012

And I got me the AEUG color version! :D

And a small update on the RG RX-78, since we’re still talking about real grades. Did some detailing with gold and copper paint and than top coated. Kinda regret not putting some silver on the legs and chest, but oh well. Stay tune for my thoughts on the 2012 Shizouka Hobby Show. :)

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RG RX-78 Gundam WIP 1

Posted by Tom on May 13, 2012

First Post after a long time away due to school. Thought I show my current project as of late. This is one of the kits that I bought after Spring Break. Some of you might remember that I had a RG Gundam, but that one broke while I was playing around with it, so now with better handling and painting skills this will be my second attempt at this model.
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Posted by Tom on May 9, 2012

It’s been a while. Can’t post now, but finals are almost done and I’ll be back to posting again. It seems I’m not the only one who’s blog took a massive slow down… Couple of more days, and it’s summer!

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