RG RX-78 Gundam WIP 1

Posted by Tom on May 13, 2012

First Post after a long time away due to school. Thought I show my current project as of late. This is one of the kits that I bought after Spring Break. Some of you might remember that I had a RG Gundam, but that one broke while I was playing around with it, so now with better handling and painting skills this will be my second attempt at this model.

So far I’ve only painted parts of the inner frame. Got the entire Advance MS Joints painted metallic charcoal, along with the latest batch of dark gray. I’ll be using german gray and flat black on the other frame pieces.

One thing that will help with this project is the RG Gundam decal set. I learned from my RG Strike Gundam that the clear stickers are nice, but the boarders are still pretty visible, and the markings look a little too transparent for my likings.

Some things I did after Spring Break. I used the Gundam Age-1 and 2 as test subjects for my airbrush, and learned quite a bit actually. I’m still learning thinning ratios and proper motions, but so far I’m using all I know to get some good results for RG Gundam. The MG Wing EW was snapped together recently and  plan to use that as my first MG I airbrush. ^^

It’s great to be back, and lots of things to look forward. Skizouka starts in about a week and Gundam Unicorn episode 5 is about to be shown. Sorta cool how there’s going to be 7 episodes of the Unicorn OVAs, but I’m less then thrill to know that episode 6 is next year… Thankfully I’m watching other series to keep me from going bored.


4 Responses to “RG RX-78 Gundam WIP 1”

  1. I love the Unicorn OVA! The mobile suits are just cool! =3 metallic charcoal? what brand? I’m trying to find a suitable color for inner frames :D

    • Tom said

      Not sure if you have it where you live, but the brand is call Rust-Oleum. It’s an American brand by the looks of it. It’s a little lighter then Tamiya’s Gunmetal, but it’s just as good.

  2. Hikarunu said

    the RG inner frame, you need to play with it first to loosen the tighter joint… thats what i learned when assemble my 1st RG :)

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