Thoughts on 2012 Shizouka Hobby Show

Posted by Tom on May 19, 2012

It’s that time again for the Shizouka Hobby Show. Lots of expected goodies so lets get into my personal thoughts of the reveals and the show.
Where to start off. Guess I’ll go with these first:

Bandai has been on a roll so far with these option parts. Different style of hands and mono-eyes, along with various thrusters, spikes, and effect parts for your modeling pleasure. The hands and effects parts are confirmed to be for 1/100 and 1/144 scale (or at it looks like it from the pics so far).

New System Weapons are also confirmed. I’m more interested in the things you can do with that GP-01’s beam rifle more than anything.

On to High Grades…

HGUC Zaku mariner. It’s a Zaku, with underwater gear and weapons. It’s ok I guess, but gonna pass. July release for 1400 yen.

The HG Base Jeber looks almost identical to the one shown in episode 4 of Gundam Unicorn. IMO, it’s kinda a space hog and a potential dust magnet. But it’ll make for great dioramas and other what nots. 1000 yen, release in July.

Dat ReZEL Type-C [Defenser B-Unit]! I wantz! And I’m absolutely digging this color scheme. Kinda want to use it for my MG ReZEL, and just paint this in the standard ReZEL colors… ^^;. Still not sure what the “Type-C” means since I’m under the assumption that it’s a ReZEL Commander Type. June release for 2600 yen.

I’m pretty sure all you Zeta Gundam fans out there are super excited for this HGUC Hambrabi. Kind of a strange MS for me, but I now know where Eypon got his transformation from. XD August release, price to be announced.

That’s all the universal century stuff, so on to alternate century things.

The HG M-1 Astray has been announced several weeks ago, and all we gotten since was gray prototype pictures. Now it’s in full colors and i like it very much. This is arguably one of my favorite grunts from the Gundam Seed series. Although I have a feeling that Bandai is going to reuse some parts from the old HG Astrays… June release for 1400 yen.

Starting off with the HGs from Gundam AGE is the HG Gundam AGE-3 Orbital. Kinda surprised me considering the AGE-3 Fortress just showed up in the anime. I do like the Orbital design though, but it’s on the “maybe” list right now. Price and release date to be announced.

HG Ghirarga, Zeheart’s new mobile suit in the third generation of Gundam AGE. Man this thing looks pretty skinny. Almost like an EVA. Truth be told, I still like the Zeydra more than the Ghirarga ^^;. June release for 1300 yen.

For those who like the AGE-1 Razor, well the add on parts can be yours if you buy the October issue of Hobby Japan. There are also pics with the new wear part on an HG Adel and it looked quite awesome IMO. Just remember that the add on parts are going to need painting.

The same applies with the HG AGE-2 Artemis. A Dengeki Hobby add on pack for the HG AGE-2 Normal. I like everything about this except the lower legs and the pew pew gun Both magazine comes out in august.

The new HG Dark Hound is looking pretty boss. Can’t wait to see how Super Pirate Pilot Asemu Asuno is going to do in this ^^. The only thing I’m not to crazy about is the skull chest and the head. I do like the new shoulder binders though. July release for 1500 yen.

The HG G-EXES Jackedge is also looking pretty cool. I kinda want to say “jacka**” for the name though… XD July release for 1200 yen.

The Real Grade Infinite Justice Gundam looks freaking awesome IMO. Already pre-ordered! :D July release for the sweet RG price of 2500 yen.

Starting off with the Master Grades, we have the MG Marasai. Looks nice, but I don’t think I’ll be getting it anytime soon. Should be great for fans of universal century, Zeta Gundam fans in particular.

The hands are the same system of fixed posed fingers which you’ll swap for your posing/viewing desire. But it appears that there are some articulated fingers in this kit as well. It looks similar to the 2.0 fingers, but the middle, ring, and pinky fingers are not linked as they were on the Gundam 2.0 and Zaku 2.0. Looks interesting, I wonder if Bandai plans to implement this on future release.

Also shown is that the LED will be attached at the bottom of the neck, and the top part of the head can be removed for the mono-eye feature, I think. Master Grade Marasai comes out this month of may for 4200 yen.

Another kit now shown in colors is the Master Grade Blitz Gundam. Looking very glossy black and having a very epic box art. The grapple claw is being supported by a thick yellow wire, almost similar to the wire used for the MG Epyon. Not a day one purchase, but a definite future get for sure. June release for 4000 yen.

Following the AGE-1 Gundam and all of it’s anime variation, it’s fitting that the AGE-2 Normal will get a Master Grade. I do like how it looks, and I already have two color schemes to debate out. I’m pretty sure a MG AGE-2 Double Bullet will be shown in a future event this year. As of now, the MG AGE-2 Normal is a high “maybe.” August release, price to be announced.

The Master Grade Buster Gundam is a nice, but expected announcement. I’m pretty sure the inner frame is 99% similar to the MG Duel’s frame. So far, it’s looking nice and now we all wait (im)patiently for the unveil of the Aegis Gundam. Buster Gundam is a september release for 4000 yen.

There are some SD shown, but I don’t feel like talking about them. In terms of Bandai’s presentation, it’s not bad, but it’s not the greatest. All these announcements are pretty much expected announcements and some were already rumored a month ago as well. Disappointed that there are no news of any water slide decals despite Bandai announcing option parts. Also what’s with the new Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop announcement? It’s like a teaser pretty much.

While Bandai sorta disappointed me at this year’s Shizouka Hobby Show, I’m expecting much better at the upcoming All Japan Hobby Show and the Gunpla Expo show. Surprise us Bandai!

All pics and info from Gundam Guy.


2 Responses to “Thoughts on 2012 Shizouka Hobby Show”

  1. zoidiect said

    lotsa good stuff from this year’s

    >> Dark Hound and Orbital are looking good. looking forward to see Orbital in action in anime, hopefully it will be a rape machine ww
    >>MG AGE-2 looks kinda nice
    >>Rezel Defensor Beta is one thing, the color. that simply mindblowing :D
    >>bandai to come up with their own option parts, kinda not gonna lose to Kotobukiya eh haha

    overall, it’s pretty good, those announcements and new kits

  2. bd77 said

    I just hope that the Astray M-1 incorporates the newer type of joints ala OO, especially the knees.

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