RG Gundam MK II WIP 1

Posted by Tom on July 6, 2012

I haven’t had the time to do any painting due to lack of time or privacy. And I have a strong craving/desire to build something, otherwise I’ll go mad of boredom. So I decided to build the RG Gundam MK II. So far I’ve build the inner frame, and I must say, this is a nice inner frame. Not going to do anything fancy with the colors, just a straight up regular AEUG color scheme for the MK II.


2 Responses to “RG Gundam MK II WIP 1”

  1. hiroy_raind said

    I suggest you don’t paint over the inner frame, since RG Mk-II is the first RG to have multiple colored Advanced MS Joint (Gray & Darker Gray).

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