Thoughts on Gunpla: July 2012

Posted by Tom on July 28, 2012

I haven’t done a post like this in a while. Gunpla news has been pretty slow, but there are some announcement and some new images of old stuff we know about. And in terms of me posting gunpla related things, I haven’t been feeling like doing gunpla for some time. Kinda just want to chill during my summer you know, watch awesome movies (Dark Knight Rises!) and hang out with friend. But that’s enough from me, on to the news.

Biggest news we have is a teaser to the 10th Real Grade. The first unveiling of the model will be on august 9th. Heard quite a bit of things so far. Some thinks it’s Zeta Gundam. So say Nu Gundam. The only thing I know for sure is that it has a double v-fin, and that I’ll see it on August.

The second big announcement is the HGUC GM Sniper II. I really like this design, but it’s only because the sniper rifle look pretty cool. GM Sniper comes out on September for 1500 yen. And Bandai will be having a White Dingo version with some added extras for 1900 yen on their online store. I think painting the regular release is much easier on yourself and your wallet ^^;.

Master Grade Aegis Gundam was unveiled a couple of weeks ago. This is one sharp looking Gundam. And I can’t wait for this kit.

The transformation doesn’t look bad either, but I like it better closed up than when it’s opened up to attack. MG Aegis comes out on October for 4800 yen.

Another recently unveiled model is the HG Gundam Legilis. I really like the design of it, even though it looks like any other Veigan suit we’ve have seen so far. The head look to have swappable parts, so that you can have the Veigan eyes or regular gundam eyes. October release for 1500 yen.

Speaking of Legilis, the SD Legilis actually looks pretty nice. But, I’m pretty sure a lot of these yellows are going to be stickers. September release for 1000 yen.

Still on SDs, the SD Gundam AGE-FX in prototype stage. Looks ok. I wonder if the clear part are going to be green. Price and release date to be announced.

More prototype images of the Buster Gundam is making me sad because this comes out when I’m in school again… It is looking great, and I wonder if the combined weight of the guns will cause any issues. September release for 4000 yen.

For kits coming out in August:

HGUC Hambrabi for those who loves Zeta Gundam or grunt suits.

HG AGE-3 Orbital which I kinda want

HG AGE-FX, which I’m split on. I like the design of the main mobile suit with out the green funnels sticking out everywhere on it… Love the blue color scheme though ^^;.

And the MG AGE-2 normal which I have on pre-order. I have several color scheme in mind, but one in particular I want to do with this kit.

Not a lot of new things revealed, but news has been slow. I’m slowly working on my RG Gundam MK. II and have to give a review for my HG Double Bullet. Summer is over in three weeks, and I feel like I haven’t accomplished much, but that’s life I guess.


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  1. I want the oribtal! =3

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