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Some October Loots

Posted by Tom on August 28, 2012

Had some money saved up, so I decided to spurge myself at HobbyTown USA. They had a restock recently and I decided to get the MG Blitz and HG Astray. I got the MG AGE-1 Normal because I want to get the resin conversion kit for the AGE-1 Razor from B-Club, original or recast. Airbrush holder to make painting life a little easier.

School just started again so progress on projects are going to slow down, but my schedule is spaced well enough to at least do some work. ^^
I’ll update the backlog page later.

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MG Gundam AGE-2 Normal Get!

Posted by Tom on August 14, 2012

I was quite surprise that this kit came out so early. I could have sworn that it comes out at the end of the month…
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Real Grade Zeta Gundam Confirmed

Posted by Tom on August 10, 2012

So it looks like all the rumors and speculations were true, the 10th RG is indeed Zeta Gundam. First Impressions, it looks pretty nice as to be expected for Real Grades. I am concern about how it’s transformation would affect it’s general stability. It looks like Bandai is not going with a lot of different colors this time in order to make the kit more stable. I’m still wondering if it’s going to transform like it’s Master Grade counterpart, or will it be a parts-former.

What do you guys think? I’m pretty sure most of you are pretty excited for this kit. Me, I’ll get one too, since I have a HG Zeta and I thought it would be cool to compare both in time. Real Grade Zeta is scheduled to be released in November. No pricing yet, but expect it to be around the 2500 yen mark.

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Real Grade Justice Gundam Get!

Posted by Tom on August 2, 2012

Should be no surprise right? Got RG Freedom, have to get the Justice also. Lets see what we get.
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