Real Grade Justice Gundam Get!

Posted by Tom on August 2, 2012

Should be no surprise right? Got RG Freedom, have to get the Justice also. Lets see what we get.

First the side of the inside of the box shows the various Justice models that are available. Shows the SD and HG Justice, but Bandai threw in the MG Infinite Justice, PG Strike Gundam and Skygrasper + Aile Striker, and a pose for the RG Justice and Freedom. Yes, it’s kinda sad not to see a MG Justice on the side of the box.

There is also a small advertisement for the Dengeki Hobby magazine with the AGE-2 Artemis parts.

11 plates of runners in total, including the beam effect parts. I’m glad they went with beam sabers that are size appropriate instead of using 1/100 scale beams. Standard foil/clear stickers and manual as to be expected. I’m quite surprise that besides the advance MS joint plate and some inner frame parts, this kit doesn’t use a lot from the RG Freedom like I thought they would.

I don’t plan to work on this for a while. I’m very slowly working on the RG Gundam MK. II at the moment. And I’m also currently playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and it’s so good. It’s one of the main reasons why work is so slow… ^^;. For now, I’ll update my backlog page with other kits I have also bought over the past months.


6 Responses to “Real Grade Justice Gundam Get!”

  1. bd77 said

    And I still haven’t started on my RG Mk-II.

    An action base is a must for the terrible twins of Seed. XD

  2. zoidiect said

    hoho backheaviness woot woot

  3. aptkane said

    I think I’m starting to really get on board with the RG line. I’m going to try and pick up the Mk.II at some point and the SEED kits look pretty darn impressive!

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