Some October Loots

Posted by Tom on August 28, 2012

Had some money saved up, so I decided to spurge myself at HobbyTown USA. They had a restock recently and I decided to get the MG Blitz and HG Astray. I got the MG AGE-1 Normal because I want to get the resin conversion kit for the AGE-1 Razor from B-Club, original or recast. Airbrush holder to make painting life a little easier.

School just started again so progress on projects are going to slow down, but my schedule is spaced well enough to at least do some work. ^^
I’ll update the backlog page later.


6 Responses to “Some October Loots”

  1. zoidiect said

    Hoho, i am planning to go for the recast (if there’s any) of G-Xiphos too :D

    Damn b-club and their absurd licensed pricing orz

    • Tom said

      Well, resin casting requires materials to make the molds and parts are not very cheap. I think it’s also because a lot of resin cast groups are small, like B-Club. Shame that the G-Xiphos and the Razor parts are convention exclusive, I think anyways…

  2. maknaedik said

    Dude, it’s still August. Unless of course I’m missing something and it’s done in purpose XD

    Anyway, ove that Blitz and M1Astray!

    • Tom said

      Crap I forgot about that lol. Than just say that it’s my purchase for both August and October, since I don’t plan on buying anything on October (Yet anyways).

  3. evolution said

    Like the other new Seed MGs the Blitz looks great. Not an Age fan but the Age-1 has a very nice, detailed exterior. Great buys!

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