Thoughts on the Gunpla Expo World Tour 2012 Japan

Posted by Tom on November 25, 2012

It’s been too long since I’ve done a post, and why not do some new/old news. Even when I’m going though school and financial problems in real life, these news have somewhat lifted my spirits and want to build some Gunpla. Let’s get into the meat of the Expo then.

Let’s start with Master Grades since I want some personal opinions out of the way first.

In terms of a new announcement, the MG Jesta is a welcomed one. Sure the prototype looks pretty bad with the very visible seam lines on the gun and forearms, but the design is too cool to pass up.
Price 4500 Yen, Spring 2013 Release

The MG ReZEL Type-C with Defenser A and B Unit is going to be one expensive model when that comes out. Unfortunately, space dictates me to pass on this model kit, but my original MG ReZEL will be painted to be in the General Revil colors because I like these colors it has. ^^
Price TBA, Spring 2013 Release

We all know about the MG Nu Gundam ver. Ka coming out this december for 7000 yen, but if you want the the extra fin funnels, you’ll have to wait until January for those. Plus an additional 2100 yen. For those living outside of japan, prepare to pay a lot more. I have to be honest with you guys though, the model is seriously getting over hyped…

I’m pretty sure a lot of people literally wet themselves when the MG Tallgeese EW was announced several months ago. Yes it’s not the TV Tallgeese, but I do like the colors on this one more then the one from the TV, even though they both look the same. With that said, I’ll be looking forward to the inevitable release of the Tallgeese 2 and 3.
January 2013 release, 3800 yen

With Gundam AGE finishing it’s airing, I’m pretty sure Bandai is now rushing to complete the “Normal” forms of it’s lead Gundams. The MG AGE-FX and MG AGE-3 both look pretty nice in my opinion. The one thing that bugs me is that the AGE-FX uses the same hand that all MG AGE kits have used so far, and I absolutely hated those hands, not because they don’t work, but because they don’t look good on the kits. The MG AGE-1, 2, and FX looks like they have monkey paws or something… >.> Price and release date to be announced for both kits.

MG Aile Strike HD Remaster Version/MG Strike 2.0. Now all the people who were wishing/wanting a Strike 2.0 can finally be quite. To be honest, I feel this could have been a different choice all together. I mean, I understand why Bandai is releasing this kit, but I can’t help but think there are other designs. What about a MG Justice? MG Providence? MG M1 Astray? Or the Forbidden, Raiden, and Calamity. Or other design used in the Seed universe? I’m not saying this is a bad model, but Bandai is playing it too safe this year.
Spring 2013 release Price TBA

Same thing with the MG Sinanju Stein. Again, it’s a nice looking model, but this spot could have been for a different design. We have the MG Jesta recently announce so why not announce something like, oh I don’t know, a Geara Zulu for the MG spot. Grunt for grunt. I mean, there’s still two more episodes of Gundam Unicorn to pick model kits from. And what about other designs from previous Universal Century shows. Designs like the Gundam Alex, Double Zeta, Victory 2, GP-01, and others seem to be constantly shafted for something like Sinanju Stein…
February 2013, 7000 yen

If it sounds like I’m being negative about these two kits, well I kinda am. Both the MG Strike HD  ver and MG Sinanju Stein are great looking kits, but there are other series that could have some love. I mean Gundam X still hasn’t have a Master Grade treatment forever now. Same with G Gundam and Turn A Gundam. I would love to see more MGs and HGs from those series.

If you were wondering why I didn’t mention Gundam Wing in that little rant, well it’s getting some attention. Seems like Bandai is planning some Master Grades from the Gundam Wing: Glory of the Losers Defeated manga/novel/whatever it is. Not sure what will come out of this, but start speculating!

In terms of High Grades:

The HGUC Jesta Cannon is looking pretty boss with all the big guns. The one thing I didn’t like about the original Jesta was the seam lines running down the forearms and beam rifle, so I might pass on this. February 2013 release, 2000 yen.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people are excited for the HGUC Ez-8. How long has it been since the old HG Ez-8 from the 90s came out. The prototype looks rough here and there, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be refine as the release date get’s closer. I’ll skip on this since the Ez-8 is my least favorite gundam design ^^;. April 2013 release, 1600 yen.

The HGUC Zaku II Black Tri Star version actually looks pretty nice. I always did like the High Mobility versions of the Zaku. Only a matter of time before the Johnny Riden and Shin Matsunaga Zaku’s come out in HG. February 2013 release, 1600 yen.

The HGUC Delta Gundam Kai is a must have. Nuff said. Comes out this December for 2600 yen.

It’s too bad the HGUC Rozen Zulu’s extending arm gimmick is short. It had posing possibility but perhaps had to be let go for stability? December Release for 2800 yen.

Also shown is 3 secret kits for the HGUC line. Form the talk on the internet, it looks to be a Banshee variation, a Z’gok, and a Doven Wolf. Wonder if these will show up for the next episode of Gundam Unicorn.

Also apparently shown is a Messala, behind a glass. Wish Bandai would just show us a teaser line art instead of a teaser kit behind a foggy glass. All of these are slated for  2013 release.

So when I first heard about a HG Perfect Strike, I went “Yay, HG Perfect Strike! :D” Than I saw the pictures and went “Damn, that looks like s***! D:” So yeah, disappointed that it uses the old HG Strike as a base… February 2013 release for 1700 yen.

However, at least this is a new release. The HG Astray Blue Frame 2nd L looks to be based off the old 1/100 proportions. The prototype looks pretty rough in some areas, but it looks pretty nice to me. February 2013 release for 1700 yen.

I feel bad for anyone who bought the original B-Club G-Xiphos. No release date or price

HG Shaldoll Rogue for all your pirate needs! 2013 release for 1200 yen.

HG AGE-1 Full Gransa which was shown off during the last few episodes of Gundam AGE. 2013 release for 1500 yen.

I’m not sure about the functionality of the FX Burst for the Gundam AGE-FX, but I do like the clear blue effects and C-Funnels. January release for 1800 yen.

The only new Super Deform announce is the SD Banshee and Delta Plus. Not sure if that base jaber comes include. Just make sure you don’t put these two next together, I heard they don’t along very well. XD March 2013 release, price TBA.

For Real Grades, the Destiny Gundam was already announced as the next real grade, but Bandai has teased us with something new potential Real Grades; The Z’Gok, GM, Gouf, and RX-79[G] Gundam Ground Type. I’m for sure the Gundam Ground Type will be a Real Grade within the next year, but the rest is in the air. The GM might have the next biggest chance since it’ll share some parts from the RG RX-78-2, such as the legs and arms. The Gouf would make a badass Real Grade since the line art looks pretty cool, and could share some parts from the RG Zakus. And I could care less for Z’Gok.

And there you have it, my first post after a semester hiatus. Good thing most of this comes out next year since I’m dead broke from my black friday shopping. What do you guys think? Do you share my opinions with the MG Sinanju Stein and MG Strike HD version? What kits do you look forward the most? One thing’s for sure, my bank account will be taking several beatings from buying Gunpla, video games, and yugioh cards… Hurray for multiple, wallet draining hobbies!

One Response to “Thoughts on the Gunpla Expo World Tour 2012 Japan”

  1. zoidiect said

    sure thing, the course with magazine release followed with gunpla expo had gotten us to a rather heckfull of a weekend. i was following updates from amiami twitter, and when is like each photo is posted after one and another, the reactions is spectacular. true enough, i quite set my mind with kits to be for the highly canon MS, so Stein is a rather out of the mind announcement.

    the rest of the MGs are quite a shocker, though i am not all that hooked to them haha. and yea, i think they put HG Jesta in place from MG Jesta, probably not having quite the time to whip out a proper prototype for it.

    and i actually had clicked on pre-order for G-Xiphos recast kit at E2046 but subsequently cancelled the pre-order due to some issue with my locations. and just how relieved i am for such action when i saw the photos of HG G-Xiphos. haha…hahahaha ^^;;;

    nonetheless, the announcements are rather radical and drastic, looking forward on how they all set for the course of 2013

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