MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka GET!

Posted by Tom on December 21, 2012


Christmas has come early, for the delivery man just gave me my present from HLJ. ^^


Lot’s of plates, 23 in total. Most are either duplicates or smaller runners like the red plate.


Perfect grade styled hands!


Water slide decals. It doesn’t seem like too much decals compare to other Ver. Ka releases.


Shiny foil stickers that go under the psychoframe pieces. Clear colored stickers for the off blue and white colors that don’t come in plastic.


This is just one of two yellow plates. The beam saber don’t have the jagged edge that the HGUC has, but is is very clear pink.


The bottom of the base, which was taken from the MG Hi-Nu.


Some of the green psychoframe pieces and polycaps. It should be noted that the inner frame of this Nu Ver. Ka is not made of ABS plastic.


Fin Funnel pieces galore.


I always appreciate the clean and simple boxart and manual covers for Version Katoki kits.


Color splash page


And the decal section.

This is my first official Ver. Ka gunpla, even though I’ve also build the Unicorn HD Colors and Wing EW, which were previously Ver. Ka release, but than got standard releases. I’m not going to be painting this kit anytime soon, but I’ll do an out of box review with no lining or decals.

The end of the year comes with a bang as my blog comes two years old two weeks ago ^^;.

Happy Holidays everyone! :)


8 Responses to “MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka GET!”

  1. bd77 said

    That is, a pretty nice get. And from the reviews I seen, it is one of THE most amazing MG that Bandai had done.

  2. zoidiect said

    lovely get there :D and yea, from all the review i’ve seen and watch, this MG definitely sets back the high standard for MGs. looking forward to any plans you had in mind for it

  3. evolution said

    Oh man everyone’s getting their own MG Nu and given how awesome it is I ought to get myself one too.

  4. Aya said

    Looks pretty awesome :D pre assembled hands nice

    Merry Christmas Tom and happy anniversary azngunpla

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