Posted by Tom on April 21, 2013


In case any one ask, no I didn’t buy the MG ReZEL Type C with the Defensor Units. This is the original MG ReZEL release back in the 2010 that I’m painting in the General Revil colors. So far, got the white parts that goes around the thrusters and vents and the orange parts. However, the progress on this kit is going to stop until I get those clear yellow parts ^^.


6 Responses to “MG ReZEL WIP 1”

  1. Those are nice colors! What paint did you use for the orange parts? :D

    • Tom said

      I mixed up some Tamiya orange, lemon yellow, neutral gray and white. Mainly 60% orange, 40% yellow and some drops of the gray and white.

  2. evolution said

    Out of curiosity, how will you be getting the clear yellow parts?

  3. zoidiect said

    that’s one nice shade of orange :D

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