A Small April Loot

Posted by Tom on April 26, 2013


So I have bought very little gunpla during my 4 month break. But the yen to dollar exchange is going pretty favorable for my part, so I decided to buy something small. What I’ll probably do is review the HG kit by itself and than with the Razor parts on. I missed some pretty nice gunpla release. Kits like the MG Sinanju OVA version and MG Jesta will have to take a back seat for now.

I’m currently building my MG AGE-2 Normal for now. School is entering the final phase of the semester so MG ReZEL is on halt for now. But I want to build something to keep me occupied. Plan for this kit is similar with my Nu ver Ka; review as is out of the box, than probably do a gallery with a custom paint job in the future.

I’m going to pass doing a Thoughts on Gunpla until the Shizouka Hobby Show, since this month didn’t really had a lot of new announcement and the new stuff that was announced didn’t really peak my interest, other than the HG Gerbera Tetra, but that’s because I’m curious about why people are obsessed with this mobile suit… ^^;.

In terms of future releases, I’m pretty excited for the new MG Strike Gundam. I still need to get the MG Buster and Aegis to complete the set ^^.

Gorgeous boxart! I also want that HG Valvrave, looks awesome to have. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna do some blog surfing.


4 Responses to “A Small April Loot”

  1. chubbybots said

    Oh nice grab, don’t see many building the age razor so of yet. I think many ppl are looking forward to the new MG strike ^^

  2. Josh said

    Hey haha I just started reading your blog before ya went on break! The razor looks spiffy but I am stoked for the Strike Remaster!

  3. Seeing the razor stuff reminds me of exia.. :D

  4. Q said

    Looking forward to see your build of AGE-1 Razor~

    Less than a week left until Shizuoka Hobby Show. Hope there will be more stuff to tease us compared to that seen last year! :o

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