So… Master Grade version 3.0s

Posted by Tom on May 14, 2013

So the big announcement that was rumored about a week ago is the MG 3.0. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. On one hand, this might be the new standard that master grades will have in terms of articulation and design. On the other, there are so many old MGs that haven’t even gotten the 2.0 treatment (MG Alex, GP-01, Double Zeta, etc) that skipping to 3.0 seems kinda wrong. So far there’s only a CAD of the RX-78-2 and all I’m seeing so far is a 1/100 scale Real Grade with the new hands from MG Nu Gundam ver Ka. I think it’s too early for Bandai to be doing a “3.0” of their kits considering the fact that the newer MGs are still very well articulated and that the older kits that haven’t even gotten a 2.0 yet are now once again left in the dust.

What do you guys think? I know I’m not the only one with this opinion. 3.0 is too early to do now since we haven’t even done 2.0 of earlier Master Grades. And if this is the style that the new 3.0s are taking in terms of the MGs looking like RGs, than what was the point of the Real Grade line. Maybe my opinions will change come Shizouka, but for now, it seems all I’m seeing is more sliding armor gimmicks, which we have seen in older kits before too…


3 Responses to “So… Master Grade version 3.0s”

  1. I’m am actually intrigued by this announcement, I wonder what 3.0 really means, well we’ll know once a 3.0 kit comes out.. =3

  2. I do share the same opinion like you dude. I do think that its too early and there is still a lot more MGs out there needs a 2.0 treatment. I do think that this might be just 1 time ver 3.0 kit will be released any time soon. i dont think that MG Rx 178 ver 3.0 (or any other ver 3.0) will ensue anytime soon.

  3. Q said

    MG Gundam 3.0 does look essentially like an upscaled version of its RG 1/144 counterpart. I see rather mixed first impression on it so far, and while I personally don’t think much about it, I am rather surprised how a lot of the weapons will end up as web shop exclusive items rather than to be sold together in the same box. Do agree with you that many previous MGs could do an upgrade by now.

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