A small WIP and some future product from bandai

Posted by Tom on May 24, 2013



I know I haven’t done any post in a while, but I’ve been enjoying my summer. Watch some good movies lately and hang out with friends before summer class starts haha. Anyways, I finished snapping together the HG God Gundam a while back but didn’t do anything due to fun and unpredictable weather (always rains when I wanna do some painting!)


Another reason for my lack of progress is because I was still deciding how to do the hyper mode. I though about doing two tones of gold, but I think I’ll go with a single gold. Gonna be spraying all the parts with the Rustoleum Gold since it’s a brighter compare to the somewhat dark gold Tamiya can.

In terms of the Shizouka Hobby Show and what was shown, I was pretty disappointed in the news. Underwhelm even. I think the Gundam 3.0 being leaked might have done that. But, in terms of the kits that I am interested in:

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in the new RX-78 Gundam 3.0. I still stand by what I said in my old post about this kit, and to be honest I was expecting more out of this kit. Hasn’t shown me what a “3.0” is capable doing yet. However it does look to be one good looking kit.

While I’m not a fan of the GP01, the Real Grade GP01 Full Burner looks pretty cool. I really like it because of the thruster pods and them legs ^^.

The MG Geara Doga’s inner frame looks so good that it’s almost tempting me to get one. And I’m not a fan of the suit! In my honest opinion, this inner frame looks a lot better than what I’ve seen for the inner frame of the RX-78 3.0.

The new HG Gold Frame and Red Frame looks pretty cool. I’m definitely going to be getting the Gold Frame. The Red Frame is still up in the air for me. Although the gunblade looking weapon would be cool to get.

The HG Doven Wolf looks pretty badass. Another potential buy in the future.

I’m still very much wanting the red Valvrave (I believe it’s called Hito or something) but this is still a cool image. The other unit I would like is the blue one. Is it me or does the yellow one remind you of that one character from Black Rock Shooter.

And that’s all the future product from Bandai I’m interested in. Like I said, I was underwhelm by the showing by Bandai. This week was just filled with disappointment for me from the Shizouka Hobby Show (from Bandai’s booth anyways) to the very bad reveal of the Xbox One (the Xbox after the Xbox 360). But E3 is in a couple weeks so I can looking forward to that.


4 Responses to “A small WIP and some future product from bandai”

  1. GN said

    I’m wanting the Valvrave kits too. I’ve put my orders in, so we’ll just have to see when they arrive. The yellow one looks very interesting with it’s exoskeleton. They all look to need some care and attention on the painting due to their use of stickers for the white edge detail though.

  2. I like the GP01 Rg! :D

  3. Q said

    Definitely have my eyes on the Doven Wolf! It’s gonna be big~

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