Gundam Build Fighters And Other News I’m Interested In…

Posted by Tom on July 2, 2013

I think at this rate everyone has at least heard or read the new Gundam project that is going on at Sunrise. I’m going to skip all the info stuff about the new series since you can read it on Gundamguy or other news site. The series seems to be build from (and might be part of) the Gunpla Builders series. In terms of my opinion, while I am a little disappointed that this isn’t a new “serious” Gundam series, I think that if the series doesn’t take itself too serious and is one of those fun to watch type show, it might be good. The series airs in october, but I’m predicting that this isn’t going be a long series. I might be wrong, but there’s only so much you can do with the whole “main protagonist wants to be the best at (insert some game here).” Like I said, so long as the show doesn’t take it self too serious (like having some conspiracy that will doom mankind that can only be stopped by battling in a virtual Gundam fight or something stupid like that), than it’ll be an enjoyable watch.
Of course with a new Gundam series, comes a new line of Gunpla kits from Bandai.

You can’t have a Gunpla builders without some customize kits. I’m not sure how I feel about the Gundam X Maou since I love the original Gundam X design. I feel kind of mixed about it. The Amazing Zaku (aside from having a dumb name) looks cool, but I have a feeling that the Zaku and X Maou will reuse parts of their respective kit, with a couple of modified parts here and there. I actually like the Build Strike Gundam (again with the dumb name). It might be me liking the Strike, or the fact Bandai is using a new mold for a Strike High Grade variation.

I’m kinda surprised that there is no model kit for the Wing Gundam Fenice. I kinda like it, although the whole asymmetry with the wings still eludes me. Cool color scheme though.

Although with the announcement of the new High Grade After Colony Wing Gundam, I’m not really surprise. I expect the Wing Gundam Fenice to be later on in the year. As for the new HG Wing Gundam, I like it. Although I’m now torn since I was planning to re-buy the MG Wing Gundam later…

Wing Gundam wasn’t the only High Grade announced. The Gundam Double X and Victory Gundam are also planned to be release in winter. Following Victory Gundam, the Gundam F91 and V2 will followed suit. I’m interested in how the new Victory 1 and 2, along with the F91, will fair in 1/144 size since these are smaller mobile suit. I look forward to whatever new HG kits Bandai will be doing now, and wonder if they will soon dive back into MSV designs or do some stuff from manga and games.

Aside from all the new HG goodness, Bandai is doing some HG All Gundam Project with the leads from the the various Gundam series. I was excited at first, “old HG design updated to new HG standards” was going through my head.

But logic bought me back to earth and after looking at the price and pictures, I can safely say that some of the kits are going to be reissues. You can sorta tell by the Freedom, Strike Freedom, Force Impulse, and Strike Gundam in this pic. I also thought it was strange for a new HG of some of these Gundams when God, X, Double Zeta, Nu, and Unicorn were all release around 2008 through 2010 and are still relatively new. Shining, and Ez-8 were also recently released. And some of the older HGUC like Zeta and Gp-01 still look rather decent (aside from obvious seam lines and needing paint apps here and there). So I wouldn’t hold my breath for old HGs to get updates to match today’s HG standards. Again, I could be wrong, but I’m basing this on the what Bandai has done so far, such as with the Seed HG Remaster kits, where some were just old kits given slightly different colors and new sticker sheets. And if you are really disappointed, you can always get the Real Grades of some of the the design ^^.

A beautiful box art for the MG RX-78-2 version 3.0. And as amazing as that box art is, I think I’m going to pass on the 3.0 RX-78. It still looks like an upscale Real Grade based on all the pics of the inner frame and the exterior. Again, if you haven’t build a single RX-78 model kit, RG or MG, I still believe that this is a good kit. But for someone like me who has already build 2 RG RX-78 and 2 MG RX78, and seeing the 3.0 using similar looking parts to the RG to build the inner frame and exterior, it doesn’t scream new innovation/standards for the MG line.

I guess I can’t end about talking recently announced kits until I talk about the MG Wing Gundam Proto Zero EW. Aside from the silly name, it has the “proto” look to it. If you consider the Wing Zero Custom as Wing Zero EW now, than it make sense that they had to give this Wing Zero the name it has now. I’m now even more confuse about how the angel wings got implemented on the Wing Zero Custom from the Wing Zero Proto and Wing Gundam EW. As far as the design is concern, it’s Katoki Hajime and Wing Zero TV version redesigned. It’s bound to sell like hotcake. I may end up getting it like the Epyon EW, although I know that this Wing Zero never fought against the Epyon EW.

And while the Gundam fan community might be blowing each others brains apart in terms of the Gundam Build Fighters, I think everyone can agree that we just want to see the damn ending to the Unicorn OVAs. One more year guys. Than you have Gundam the Origins to look forward too. And that one project that Tomino is working on.


3 Responses to “Gundam Build Fighters And Other News I’m Interested In…”

  1. I’m excited for the new releases! As well as the new anime! Even though the age series was more focused on kids, I still had fun watching age. as well as the builders movie :D

  2. Aya said

    I like Wing Gundam Fenice looks maybe switch the riffle with lance will make it nicer :D

  3. Rod said

    They won’t re-issue those on pics, they’re just showing off what lead Gundams they’ve already done. What they mean is that they’re gonna create updated hg’s of those old 1/144 lead Gundams.

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