Master Grade Gundam X Announced + 53rd All Japan Model Show Thoughts

Posted by Tom on October 11, 2013

I interrupt my long hiatus with school to give my thoughts on the recent Gunpla news. And what do I see?! Master Grade Gundam X!!! Can’t believe this is happening. It’s like a dream come true! TToTT

*sheds tears of joy* :)
How long have I’ve wanted this ever since the HGAW Gundam X came out. But watch Bandai make the MG Gundam x Divider an Online Exclusice. XD

In other news!

The Real Grade Strike Freedom confirmed to have gold plated parts for the wings. This kit is starting to look like a mini/scaled down Perfect Grade from what I’m seeing.

Like the Real Grade Destiny, Bandai is having the wing effect parts and DRAGOON stand as an Online Exclusive, so for people who don’t live in Japan, prepare to pay a little more if you want this.

HGUC Gundam F91 and V2 Gundam looks pretty nice for high grades. They were announced a while ago, but it’s nice to see colored pictures of them.

New HG Cosmic Era Aile Strike Gundam. Not sure if they’re going with “HGCE.” Don’t really care for this since I have a Real Grade Aile Strike but, I’m not going to lie, they both have pretty similar proportions.

Master Grade Sazabi Ver Ka looking pretty awesome as expected, but I have to wonder if they had to make the head that small. Seems kinda odd with the huge body and tiny head at certain angles. XD

Dat box… Shipping is not going to be cheap.

And that’s all I have from this Hobby Show. There were a couple other Build Fighter and Gundam Thunderbolt stuff, but I’m not interest in those right now, except the Full Armor Gundam [Thunderbolt Version] looks pretty cool.

Obviously I’m most excited for the new MG Gundam X. Maybe more so since it comes out in January, the same month as my birthday!  There is a God (Gundam) out there haha. With that, back to my hiatus!


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