Thoughts on 2014 Shizuoka Hobby Show

Posted by Tom on May 19, 2014

So another Shizuoka Hobby Show has passed and we are once again shown new gunpla news. So what do I think about some of these news?

Starting off some new, big news.

New line of Gunpla was announced: the Reborn One-Hundred or RE/100. Not sure what to make of the name, but I can only assume it’s the rebirth of the 1/100 Non-Grade that went missing after the initial Gundam 00 1/100 kits. Judging from the construction of the Nightingale, it appears to be a blown up High Grades. First kit is the Nightingale, followed by the Gundam Mk III and the Gundam GP04 Gerbera. One good thing I can say about this right now is that people who have been wishing for a 1/100 Nightingale can now finally be quiet.

Next big news is the announcement of the MG Hi-Nu Gundam ver Ka. Schedule for an August release, it matches the original line art pretty well. I’m kinda interested if Bandai will choose to use gradation for the shield and Funnels, or will it just be one solid color. I’m not overly excited about this kit, unlike most people, for some reason. I’m having the same thoughts as I did with the MG Sinanju Stein when I first saw that kit.

While it was announced a while ago, I can say that the MG Turn X feels more special than the MG Hi-Nu ver Ka (my opinion people). How long have people wanted this kit and now it’s finally close. The model looks pretty nice, especially that giant beam sword. Also comes with a stand for the separation of the limbs from the body, which is a nice touch.

For things that were already announced:

While I’m not a fan of the suit in general, I think that the RG Char’s Z’Gok is a pretty interesting release. It’s pretty unique that’s for sure. It’ll be interesting if they followed up with the Gouf, or Ground Gundam that was shown at another hobby show that one time.

The HGUC Neo Zeong is just ridiculous. It’s the biggest High Grade that Bandai has made in a while outside of the HG Dendrobium. In typical Bandai, the effect parts is an online exclusive.

I’m quite surprise to see the HG Amazing Exia comes with the Dark Matter Booster Trans-Am Booster.

The HG Gundam Fenice Rinascita looks pretty nice. But who ever attempted to panel line the nonexistent mouth vents need to be fired!

The HG Airmaster was a surprising announcement from a couple of weeks ago. I’m more of a fan of the Airmaster Burst but hopefully this means we get more High Grade from the Gundam X series.

The HGUC Zeta Plus A1 was another pleasant announcement from several weeks ago. I remember how the MG Zeta Plus was a beast of a brick. It’s going to be in the Unicorn colors, so the color scheme should be close to how the Zeta Plus C1 is.

While not really gunpla, the announcement of a potential second season for Gundam Build Fighters really excites me. I really enjoyed Gundam Build Fighters, so I’m looking forward to what Sunrise can do. “Next Fighters Standby” probably means a different character cast with cameos from the first season.

I know that there were other announcements, but they didn’t quite interested me much. Quite a few of the gunpla shown were Bandai online exclusive, like the MG Banshee Norn and the Hi-Nu ver Ka Heavy Weapons System add on (I think it’s an add on) and those don’t quite spark me. So overall, I’m disappointed by Bandai’s showing this year. The RE/100 might be cool, but I believe it’s because Bandai is using MSV designs as of right now. Not to mention no new info of Gundam Reconguista in G considering it airs in fall 2014.

So right now, the kits I’m interested in is the High Grades from Build Fighters and the HG Zeta Plus A1.

More content will come out soon, along with some non Gundam related post.


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