Child of Light – A Shining Example in the Gaming Industry

Posted by Tom on May 23, 2014

While my blog is mostly about Gundam and Gunpla models, video games is as much as a hobby for me as Gunpla is. For this post, I want to give my thoughts on the game and how it stands in the current state of the video game.

Child of Light – developed by Ubisoft Montreal, released on May 2014. This is a game that has everything going against in this early era of the 8th generation of gaming consoles. It doesn’t have photo-realistic graphics, gore, blood, guns, cursing/swearing, and online multiplayer. It’s not part of yearly releases like Madden, Call of Duty, or Assassin’s Creed. It’s a new IP. It has a cute, colorful art syle and is a single player jrpg. And it dares to have a female lead protagonist. And yet, this game is a special game. It’s a game that doesn’t come out often from the industry. It’s a game that other developers need to look for the sake of having a better industry.

The state of the gaming industry is a sad and pathetic one. Whether it’s the developer and publisher who release broken games, or using nickel-and-dime tactics to recoup the large development budget or the gamers who accept anti-consumer practices and buy broken games. We got game “journalist” reporting false or outright wrong information for hits. I can go on, but many people have said these same points already.

So what makes Child of Light special. For one, the art style. It’s one of the few games released now that doesn’t use some realistic/photo-realism graphics, and helps the game stand out. The gameplay is a mix of platforming and jrpg. And the music is just amazing. The story is a coming of age story, but told like a poetic fairy tale. The game overall seems simple, but there are some depth to the game itself. Sometimes, if a game is too simple in nature, it can work against the game. For Child of Light, the simplicity of the game is one of it’s strong points in my opinion.

I love this game. This is the game that the industry needs more of. Child of Light, Transistor, etc, etc. Some companies like Nintendo and the indie developers make these kinds of games, but the big developers and publishers need to step it up.

Hopefully, with the 8th generation still young, these games can finally shine in the darkness that is the current video game industry. Because I don’t want another console generation that is defined by shooters, online only games, and broken games.


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