Real Grade Exia Problem

Posted by Tom on June 19, 2014


Playing around with the RG Exia, and a problem surfaced. This is a problem I have with the new flexible plastic that Bandai uses now for the inner frames of their new models. While they’re more flexible and can take more bends, it’s not as stable as the old ABS frames.


The knee joint cover actually teared off. There will be some surgical needs to get that peg out…

5 Responses to “Real Grade Exia Problem”

  1. This happened to my Sinanju, wrong pull haha! XD Hope you can get that fixed. :)

  2. TK said

    Need an advice.. i just started out painting on my rg exia. and now currently doing the innerframe in a light gun metal. (i didn’t spray too much because i wanted to have the inner frame to show the different shades of gun metal without the primer.) so far it looks pretty good but i’m kinda split on the coating. I’m going to flat coat the armor and wondering if i should gloss the innerframe to make sort of pop and be distinguishable from the armor (like a metal frame) or do a flat coat and make it more even. Which do you suggest?

  3. Leon said

    Oh my gawd, that happened to my RG Exia too. It broke halfway when i thought of just wiggling it around hoping it to loosen up but then it tore apart. I hope Bandai stop using those plastic material for the knee joint. Now my Exia has loose knees :(

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