Thoughts on Gundam: G no Reconguista & Gundam Build Fighters Try

Posted by Tom on July 19, 2014

Taking a break from my summer break of video games to give thoughts to the new announcement of Gundam Build Fighters Try.  I’d also give my feelings regarding G no Reconguista… whatever the heck that means.

So starting with GBF Try, I’m pretty excited for the new season. As I mentioned in another post, I really enjoyed the first GBF and how it was just the right mix of fun and quirkiness that the Gundam meta series needed. I do think that Bandai needs to ‘try’ to come up with a better name though. As far as the characters go, the story is set several years after season 1, so a new cast is expected. The character design look pretty good and I do like them so far. I’m looking forward to how the old characters will be incorporated into the story, as the game of Gunpla Battles has new rules and the likes.

In terms of the mobile suit designs that are revealed thus far, we have the Build Burning Gundam. As with the Build Strike, Build Burning sounds… meh. But the design looks ok. More Strike Gundam-ish than Shinning though. This is a close range mobile suit, so if you were tired of the “Build Knuckles!” get ready for more “Burning Knuckles!”

The Lightning Gundam is my favorite of the bunch. Even though the official announcement says that it’s based off the Re-GZ, it just screams Zeta Gundam to me. Apparently the backpack is also going to be sold separately, kinda like the Build Booster.

The Winning Gundam. I can’t help but think of those Charlie Sheen Winning voice clips. Not really a fan of SD stuff, so we’ll see how this fares in the anime.

The last that were shown off is the Powered GM Guardian. I’m surprised how clean looking this kit looks. Not sure if it’s the lighting that’s hiding the panel lines. Looks cool and reminds me of those Gundam Thunderbolt designs that were released awhile back.

So… G no Reconguista. My first reactions when screens and scans were posted was “WTF, Gundam Eureka Seven edition!” Obviously, this is the big project that Yushiyuki Tomino (aka the guy who made the Gundam series and a bunch of other series). The story is set waaaaay into the Universal Century, now named Reguild Century, so it will be interesting how much of the previous UC era stuff will be mentioned or easter egg. So far I’m liking the character designs, which is a given considering I like Eureka Seven (not so much on E7:AO). Hopefully the brown-skinned girl remains a girl in the show… >.>

In terms of G no Reconguista’s mecha design, I haven’t warmed up to them yet. It’s definitely going to be something that the anime needs to sell me on. I do like the design of the G-Self… or whatever they’re going to call it. To me, it sorta follows that natural evolution of the Gundam design in previous Universal Century. It uses different backpacks for different situation, like the Strike Gundam which I like. Apparently it’s also a key to something good/bad in the Reguild Century, so you wonder if Tomino took a tab from the Gundam Unicorn series.

Gundam G-Arcane. Like the G-Self, the name is tentative. Note the red color scheme, the color of various mobile suits piloted by the rivals of many Gundam protagonists.

Mobile Suit Montero. I think this is going to belong to some ace in the show. I like the design overall (my favorite so far). Helps that it wields that double sided beam lance thingy ^^.

The Grimoire looks pretty unique. It belongs to the space pirate faction of the show. I think that ball cockpit/lower torso kinda ruins the look of the design. One thing I’ve noticed from the model kits of this show is how simplistic they look in design and potential construction.

So yea, the mechas of G no Reconguista are a mixed bag for me right now. Both GBF Try and G no Reconguista airs this fall, and I’m looking forward to both. And as to why I haven’t talked about Gundam: The Origin. Well, it’s (essentially) a retelling of the classic Mobile Suit Gundam, with emphasis on back story of the characters and how the One Year War started. It’s also an OVA series instead of a regular TV series. Hopefully the CGI is done better in this OVA than in Gundam Unicorn.

And sorry about the lack post, I’ve just been enjoying my summer break doing some working, hanging out with friends, and playing through some video games. With that I’m going back to some play some Xenoblade Chronicles.

One Response to “Thoughts on Gundam: G no Reconguista & Gundam Build Fighters Try”

  1. heathorn said

    I am really liking the design for Grimoire and G arcane
    Hope the series will be good

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