Thoughts on Gunpla News for November 2014

Posted by Tom on November 22, 2014

Been gone for a while and all of a sudden, BLAM! More gunpla news. Lets start with the biggest news in the last month or two, the Perfect Grade Unicorn Gundam. And first impressions upon seeing it, it looks really good. The head proportion looks a little weird, but it’s not that off putting. That knee bend though looks very unnatural.

So, for 21000 yen what do you get? You get the Unicorn Gundam, a beam magnum, a shield, couple of gatling guns, two beam saber blades (even though the kit has four beam saber handles…), and a display base that will house the battery compartment to power the LEDs. Not bad, but…

LEDs are sold separately for 13000 yen. Good news is that it’s not a p-bandai exclusive. But…

The Full Armor add on for the PG Unicorn is a p-bandai exclusive. That doesn’t have the hyper beam javelins that the MG had. But if you want the water slide decals, than you’ll be set back around 7000 yen. All together, we’re looking at around 41000 yen for a complete set (not including shipping fees). Thankfully, the Full Armor set will release in 2015.

The news doesn’t stop there as Kenbill has previewed the runners and manuals. And you know what? I don’t see much difference in this PG compare to the MG counterpart. Not much details on the internal frames, and looking at the parts, I’m pretty sure the construction will be similar to the MG. I guess that’s the inherit flaw of this kit, with the focus more on the transformation and the psycoframe pieces, you sacrifice better detail on the inner frame and other “gimmicks” that could come from this kit. It’s a great looking PG for sure, but the Unicorn will more likely join the “It looks good, but brings nothing new” category of Perfect Grades along with the PG 00 Raiser and PG Strike Freedom.

Moving on from Perfect Grades…

MG Gundam Double X! What a surprise. Comes out march of 2015, and looks boss. It has a great mug face too ^^.

MG Exia Dark Matter. Watch the Amazing Exia get the p-bandai exclusive treatment lol.

Probably the more cooler versions of the Zeta Gundam MG. The MG Zeta unit 3 [Gray Zeta] makes it’s p-bandai exclusive debut. Really though, I would get it for that BFG!

The new Non-Grade 1/100 I mean RE/100 Gundam MK III and Gundam GP-04 (Gerbera) both look really nice. They’re not Master Grades, but at least they gotten their 1/100 scale treatment.

HG G-Self Assault Pack looks a little ridiculous. I haven’t been watching G no Reconguista since episode 4, so it’ll be interesting to see when this will come in.

Finally some good designs from G no Reconguista! The HG Jyaion (tentative name) looks like it means business. And not having stupid pink colored hands is a plus too.

The HG Jahanam is another good looking design. The captain one has a nice goof inspired color scheme while the regular green one brings back the mass producton Zaku feel.

HG V-Dash was a long time coming, and I’m glad that the HG V2 Assault Buster isn’t split into two kits. But will the V2 come with Wings of Light?

The HG Mega-Shiki, aside from the silly name, looks so good. I love the Delta Gundam/Delta Plus vibe it gives off, but the stubby feet does seem to clash with the overall design…

This is an interesting one. HG Gundam Amazing Red Warrior. Tatsuya Yuuki cameo imminent in Gundam Build Fighter Trys?

I thought this was very cool. We’re getting an HG Wing Gundam Zero Honoo. I believe it was made by a modeller of Hobby Japan and they have been incorporating it into a Gundam Build Fighter side story. It’s pretty neat to see Bandai take another person’s creation and mass produce it for the general audience.

The HG Hi-Nu Gundam Brave is another such case. In this case, the Hi-Nu comes from the Gundam Build Fighter A, a manga series that tells the back story of Tatsuya Yuuki. Again, it’s cool that Bandai is mass producing the model that another modeller probably painstakingly customized and I would like to see this treatment to more customs that get featured in things like Hobby Japan, Gundam Ace, and Denkegi Hobby.

I haven’t talked about the Real Grade Wing Zero Custom that is coming out soon. Needless to say, I already have this kit on preorder. What can I say, I do like these Real Grades. I’m probably gonna skip on the Twin Buster Rifle add on thingys that will come in Gundam Ace though.

And I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be skipping on these Seraphim Feather effect parts. It looks like an unnecessary p-bandai exclusive thing.

And finally the newest RG announcement is that of the RG 00 Raiser, coming out spring 2015. RG Exia was a solid kit despite some having some problems with mine, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for this. Hopefully it comes with the GN Sword 3. And I’m calling it now, the Seven Swords set will be a p-bandai exclusive, mark my words. Or at least, the Inspector Colors Seven Sword 00 Gundam will be an online exclusive hehe.

That’s all for now, lots of Gunpla goodies coming now till next spring. Lots of Gundams to build but so little time to build lol.


2 Responses to “Thoughts on Gunpla News for November 2014”

  1. Aya said

    Welcome back ahaha :D most blogs in my blogroll which do gunpla already stop updating lately :(
    The PG unicorn looks plain, I was thingking it would have sort of spring mechanism lol so it can transform into destroy mode with just a single push to the button LOL,but they instead make the expensive LED thing, The master grade and HG releases are quite interesting thought :D

    • Tom said

      Yeah, it makes me a little sad not seeing updates from some of my blogrolls in a long time too. I’m more excited for the newer MGs and HGs than PG Unicorn to be honest, after seeing build photos of the Unicorn.

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