Some New Gunpla

Posted by Tom on February 14, 2015


No, I’m not dead yet! Just been busy and have no time to do any blogging.

Anyways, hope everyone have a good chinese new year.

4 Responses to “Some New Gunpla”

  1. Wow. You went for the RG Wing Zero, too? O_o

    P.S. Fair warning to the Try Burning tho: the flame effects may be a bit too overboard…

  2. Aya said

    Happy Chinese New year tom,many good stuff, The GBF try getting really interesting :D at least many seems to dare do modification on gunpla since the gundam build fighter series start airing ahaha

    ps : just for the sake of curiosity :D seems to spot many tins cans :P not sure maybe from YGO cards ?

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