2015 Shizouka Hobby Show Thoughts

Posted by Tom on May 14, 2015

I may have been gone from this blog for a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t keeping up with Gunpla news. And what a way to kick off the Hobby Show than show the Real Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame. Other than the strange choice of colors for the advance MS joints, its standard classic Red Frame; no Tactical Arm, but it has a beam rifle, Gerbera Straight, a shield, and two beam sabers. But I’m waiting for all those P-Bandai Gundam Astray variations.
Master Grade Amazing Red Warrior (aka Perfect Gundam 3). Looks like it uses the Gundam 2.0 frame, which is kinda disappointing. Proportions looks kinda of strange to me, so I’m not sure if it’s because of the inner frame or the angle of the photos. The High Grade Amazing Red Warrior looks better imo.

I haven’t really said anything about the MG Fenice Rinascita. Looks really good, but at the time this kit was announced, I had just got my hands on the HG version haha…

The MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0 looks nice but I wished for that 7200 yen price tag it was chrome plated. This kit deserves more than the dull gold that the MG HD Hyaku Shiki 1.0 kit used.

The HG Lightning Zeta looks amazing. And if people’s word on the internet is correct, this is a design somebody made and  Bandai made a kit of it. Kinda like the HG Wing Honoo and HG Hi-Nu Vrabe.

HG Leopard Da Vinci and HG Dom R35. Not sure how I feel about a semi-skinny Gundam Leopard, but the Dom R35 looks good. I like the Gouf R35 a bit more though ^^.

HG Tryon 3’s sword is pretty long. Also look at that plated Tryon 3! @.@

The HG G-Self Perfect Pack looks like a cluster mess. Just like the show itself.

The new HG Freedom Gundam looks really good. It’s part of the new REVIVE line of High Grades, where Bandai takes an old kit design and gives it better articulation and proportions. But really this Freedom is part of the HG Comsic Era line, just like the HGCE Aile Strike.

That’s all that caught my eyes. Time to disappear…

2 Responses to “2015 Shizouka Hobby Show Thoughts”

  1. Aya said

    Hmmm P-bandai stuff for variations …. that most likely happen …. Chrome plated..mean a lot of ugly nub mark :( which reminds me I always want bandai release the kit and include a can or bottle of metallic chrome paints instead :D

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