Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Release Date: 11/9/2010

Note: I based this review from when I play, as of 12/15/2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops… hyped as the new, BALANCED, call of duty that gamers have been waiting for… what happened Treyarch? This game has been released for about a month now, and after waiting for that long, I’ve feel that it hasn’t really lived up to the hype.

I guess some points though. After Modern Warfare 2, Black ops was announced. I saw the first MP trailer, and thought “This looks just like MW2.” Even now, I can’t help but think that this is Modern Warfare 2.5… and in all honesty, I wasn’t really excited for the game. I got it knowing that my friends would get it, and that they won’t be playing MW2 for quite a while.

Well, lets get some of the good things out of the way: The campaign is pretty awesome. I absolutely love it. There isn’t  really much of a story, but the character(s) that you play as actually has some character, since they have voice acting. Previous protagonist always feel like a silent mute to me, until they appear in the sequels. I don’t really want to spoil the story much, but it will make you say “WTF?!” half the times.

Another good point, Zombie Mode. Very fun, very tense game mode. I’ve never played zombies in World at War, since I never play W@W. However, that said, when you have a party of four, it’s so much fun. The crawlers are retardly annoying as hell. That’s the only gripe I have with this mode.

And that’s where I found the good points start to fall. Let’s get to the bad points:
The Multiplayer: the heart and soul of any call of duty (or any FPS for that matter). What happen here treyarch? First game I played, it was alright. I actually was having a good time. But right off the bat, I begin to notice some VERY similar trends…

Before patch 1.04, the sniper class was, in nicer words, unplayable… they though it was a smart idea to put this “wobble” whenever you would scope in with the snipers. This actually frustrated me since there are certain times that I would like to snipe then go run and gun with an assault rifle. Not only that, but if you could somehow align your reticule on your target, and fired, your bullet had a mind of it’s own, and would simply go a few degrees of target -___-;;;  Really now, you nerfed it that bad because people complained about quick scopers mw2. It was hard to snipe in this game as it is with all your map design, treyarch. After the patch, the hit box got “supposedly better” and the wobble is not as bad, but I haven’t got to playing as a sniper much…

Another thing I have with the game is with half assault rifles, and the small amount of Sub Machines Guns. Why do they constantly get shown up all the time? I mean, yes they are good. But when I got killed by them, it was too quick. The FAMAS shoots too fast and kills too fast. People’s favorite AK-74u with grip is… sigh… These two stand out the most, the others being the AUG, Galil, and a certain extend, the Commando. Makes me wish people could work for their kills and use the M14 (my second favorite assault rifle to use in the game) or something other then the overused and overpowered ones, but people will use these cheap guns anyways. >.>

Another issue I have is the HORRENDOUS lag and frame rate issue this game has. I’m not sure if it affects other consoles, but it seems the PS3 and PC are having it bad. Way to go stick a big FU! to us treyarch. Stop acting like the Xbox 360 is the “premier” console to play this game. You have other consumers that have different consoles besides the f**king 360! And WHY, is it that after patch 1.04, the game got even WORSE?! I began to have party problems or disconnected from host, or it takes forever to find a match. Maybe it’s because I’m using ClearWire, I don’t know.

Other complaints I have:

  • RC-XD cars, annoying as hell, should have been a 5 kill streak instead of 3.
  • the cod credit system is nice, but make guns more expensive as you level up. and why not have the challenges for the attachments to unlock them. You buy them, and it seems to take away the feeling of accomplishment that other games had… food for though maybe in the next Call of Duty game.
  • for the most part, I still don’t understand why a random part of the main theme would play during a match… that’s just me, I’m still not used to it.
  • spawn system still suck, IMO
  • I actually had this game froze on me several times. For those on PS3, be aware of this…
  • Noob Tubes are not gone treyarch, it’s only been REDUCED in numbers. Same thing with drop shots. There’s a difference between removing something from the game, or changing something but keeping the core mechanics there.

So overall, this is another call of duty shooter. It’s got some good things and some bad things, but overall, it’s decent. The multiplayer is good, if you can stay in a match. I don’t think it really deserves any 9′s or 10′s. But it surely doesn’t deserve anything below an 8. That’s what I would had said, if the patch didn’t make the game so unplayable half the times!!!!!

Final Score: 7.5 (Feel free to give it 1 more points if they fix some of this lag issues, weapon damages, and give us some FREE DLC)


3 Responses to “Call of Duty: Black Ops Review”

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  2. I haven’t played online yet but one thing I really hate about black ops is the options for offline splitscreen..or lack of

    I mean you can’t even change the time limit/kill count etc, no option setting whatsoever. I know online is all the rage these days but sometimes I just wanna play with my cousins or friends when they come over and no settings at all just kills it in my opinion..

    Unless they’ve patched the game and allowed some settings for the offline split screen, then you can just ignore my whole comment above xD (since I haven’t updated the game at all, internet’s been really bad lately here)

    And is it just me or do the weapons sound really..weak, compared to MW2. I dunno, maybe it’s just me but I don’t get satisfying gunfire sounds from this game, I just get plastic gunshot sounds

    I’ve played 2 COD games made by treyarch, COD3 and Black Ops and neither of them seem that good compared to the ones made by Infinity Ward. I totally loved playing COD2, MW and MW2.

    • Tom said

      Don’t worry, I didn’t ignore your comment. =)

      And yea, I see what you mean for offline split screen. They should have at least added more customizable stuff in. To atleast balanced out the online and offline aspects.The guns do sound very weak, as if someone from Treyarch just took a recorder home and started banging on some pots and pans. >.>

      In all honestly, this is my only, and last, Treyarch game I’ll probably ever buy. They have shown me that they are incapable of getting their priorities straight. All the problems I had when the game launched is still there.

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