1/144 HG00 00 Gundam Seven Swords/G


This is another variation of the 00 Gundam. But, this is the long awaited Seven Sword pack that appeared in the 00 side stories. Of course, this version of the Seven Sword appeared after season two of Gundam 00, but before the movie.

This is also my second 00 Gundam. I got it because it looks cool. :D And the fact that I wasn’t really pleased with how my first 00 Gundam turned out.

An out of the box build. But, for any who build any variation of this kit, there are some paint applications you will need. Particularly for the clear parts.

Other things include the beam sabers, wire for the GN Short Sword, and a spread hand. The double attachment for the GN Sword is not included with this version of the 00 Gundam. Also I though I showed one the newer plate; it has clear green, but I wasn’t fond of the shade so I painted it over with clear green.

For those who are curious to see how the 00 Raiser looks compare to the 00 Gundam Seven Sword.

GN Sword II Blaster

It fires big shots and has a build in blade. I realized this some week ago, but this blaster looks a lot like the Reborns Gundam beam rifle.

As I didn’t moved this kit around after I finished building him, it can hold this up pretty good. Love the clear green on this gun.

GN Buster Sword II

The main highlight of this kit.

I’m not really good at posing Gundams with huge ass swords ^^;.

The Buster Sword can be mounted on the arm, and after extending some areas, it becomes a shield mode of sorts. Actually, it just makes a GN Field that spreads over a large area, or so I’ve read.

Or you can use it to ram things with…

Box shot.

GN Beam Sabers

Good ol’ beam sabers that are overshadowed by the more cooler swords.

It’s nice that the beam effect parts also come with this kit. But the handle can slip out the hands.

GN Katars

Located on the knees, the only thing is that you have to disassemble the hands to put the weapons on.

Again, I’m not so good with posing. The Katars can be loose in the hands, but if you push the handle into the weapons, then it becomes somewhat solid.

Also need to work on camera angle… it doesn’t look like he’s slashing towards the back does it…  -__-;;

GN Short and Long Swords

One looks more like a sword then the other. Maybe the Short Sword should be reclassified as a dagger instead. =/

Yea, only this shot of the Short Sword. I’m not really fan of it anyways… >.>

Replaced the Short Sword with the GN Sword II. Looks better in my opinion. ^^

If you have an 0 Raiser, or any 00 Raiser for that matter, you can use the GN sword connectors to go double blade approach. In my case, it makes it very long.

I’m pretty sure people can do more poses then this. But by this time, I wasn’t getting alot of sunlight, so I got impatient to finish this.

First Favorite

Second favorite.

00 Gundam Seven Sword/G + GN Sword III

So the GN Sword III counts as the 8th sword (9th if you wanna count the GN Sword II Blaster), right? ;)

Would have  taken more pics, but my battery was dying about here… >.<

Final Verdict

This is, what, the 5th variations of the 00 Gundam. I think the 6th one is the 00 Raiser Condenser Type. Anyways, I’m pretty sure we’re all tired of seeing 00 Gundam and it’s rehashes. However, for those who haven’t bought a 00 Gundam yet, I recommend this one. It has virtually no weight issues (it has weak wrist joints though…) only getting loose after you played with this kit a lot. It also offers tons of playability because of all the weapons on it. However, prepare to put some work into this kit, you will need to paint in some areas to make it look anime accurate. It still looks better compare to the NG 1/100 00 Gundam. But for those waiting for a 1/100 release, there is a Resin Conversion kit for the 1/100 00. Just don’t expect it to come with the GN Sword II Blaster… unless NeoGrade or some recasting company updated their molds.


7 Responses to “1/144 HG00 00 Gundam Seven Swords/G”

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  2. Marzz said

    Hell yea… 7 Swords is damn good and cool….
    Which reminds me… I haven’t done a review on him and the GN-Sword III version yet.

  3. Setsunator said

    hmm,i might to buy one
    I want to mod it with my HG Qan[T]

  4. I kind like the short dagger/grabby extending blade of death.

  5. Aya said

    Very nice :D which OOV variation one better you think Tom this one ? or XN raiser ?

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