1/144 HG00 00 Raiser Condenser Type


So, this is the 6th version of the 00 Gundam that Bandai has thrown at us. We had the original 00 Gundam, then 00 Raiser Designers colors, then the Trans Am Raiser, then the 00 Raiser + GN Sword III, the 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G, and now this one, the 00 Raiser Condenser Type.

This is my third 00 Gundam with the sole intention to replace my old 00 Raiser. Kinda ironic since that old 00 Raiser was my second gunpla model kit that got me back into this hobby.

Anyways, this 00 Raiser was in the Gundam 00 movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer. And… it sucked. Mainly because Setsuna couldn’t block out the consciousness of the ELS. The only major thing it did was using the Raiser System to create a large space of GN particles to telepathically communicate with them. And that didn’t work. Go figure >.>…

00 Gundam

Out of the box 00. Nothing much other then painting in the yellow, dark gray, and clear green, red, and blue in the correct areas. Panel line and topcoat after that.

Testing out the articulation which is, unsurprisingly, pretty good.

0 Raiser

Th 0 Raiser is almost accurate to the anime. I left off the white stickers that would go on the tail fin because I like the way this looks.

00 Raiser

Here it is, the 00 Raiser, minus the GN Drives. ^^; I like how the condensers gives the illusion that the wing binders are attached something more solid then just a cone shaped object.

GN Sword II

00 Gundam’s starting weapon of the series.

Hmmm I’m starting to see why not a lot of people like the GN Sword IIs.

“TRANS-AM RAISER!!!” … “Crap… out of particles…”

Failed attempts at Infinite Justice’s double saber poses. >.> Being a recolor of the Trans-Am Raiser, you also get the effect parts for the GN Sword IIs, GN Sword III, and the beam sabers.

And if you’re more creative then me, you can come up with more poses then I did ^^;.

In the games, 00 Raiser throws the combined swords, with the beams emitting out of them, like a boomerang.

GN Sword III

Out of the GN Swords family, I still like the GN Sword III the best.

At least the pistol looks slightly better then the first GN Sword.

I like this version of the GN Sword III since the blade is pretty long in comparison to the body. The Perfect Grade and 1/100 Non-Grade’s GN Sword III looks kinda short.

But it still can’t pierce the heavens.

Raiser System with Trans-Am Burst. *Insert green GN Particle effects everywhere*

Raiser Sword effect parts are nice, even if they are short in comparison to the GN Sword III.

Double GN Sword IIIs

Borrowed the second one from my old 00 Raiser. I’m pretty sure you can obviously tell which one it is just by looking ^^;.

It was hard coming up with shooting poses because the blades were so long. xD

Duel wielding always makes things look better.

I call this, the GN Swords Typhoon.

Gotta have the eyes light up in a pose, right? :P

Twin Buster Rifles Raiser Swords.

Can you imagine the sheer power if 00 Raiser had two GN Sword IIIs when it destroys the second Memento Mori?

No beam sabers or mix and match with the Seven Sword/G stuff, because I was realllly lazy… >.<

00 Comparisons

First and second 00s I have against my third, newest one. I did a lot better with the third one then the other two. The first 00 Gundam was almost 6 or 7 months ago @.@. Time flies when you’re into gunpla ^^.

Final Verdict

So that’s my review of the 00 Raiser Condenser Type. It’s been about three years since the release of the original 00 Gundam. So I can only recommend this kit if you don’t have any versions of the 00 Gundam, if you like the design of the 00 Raiser, or if you have different 00 Gundams and you want to mix and match, or put a different color scheme then the ones you have. It still cost as much as other 1/144 00 Raisers, 2000 yen. In my opinion, this still beats the 1/100 Non-Grade, the Master Grade, and the Perfect Grade when it comes down to proportions and stability.

It does have issues, mainly the back heaviness, and the fact that you have to put in some work if you want this to look truly like the anime.


10 Responses to “1/144 HG00 00 Raiser Condenser Type”

  1. […] the title says, the review for the 00 Raiser Condenser Type is up. You can go here or go to the high grade […]

  2. bd77 said

    So with this, you get more bang for the buck, right? As it includes both the GN drives and the condensers.

    Coo… Double GN Sword III… That’s pretty heavy.

  3. Aya said

    Totally Miss this HG OO, I bought the first released back in 2008 and o raiser separately how many variations they have now ? in the end i just try paint the Gn Drive with Glow In the dark effect.

  4. canopy said

    Whoa Tom, nice review and such a clean build. Love the cool poses of this 00 unit. :D
    I guess you really love the 00 eh, for having all those 3 unit :D, maybe Qan[T] next?

    • Tom said

      Thanks, I wanted to make this as best as I can, since it pretty much replaced the old 00 Raiser on my shelf. ^^

      As for Quanta, maybe, if I can get the Hobby Japan issue with a GN Sword IV.

  5. Alex said

    I was thinking of replacing my 00 Raiser Designer Color Version since I broke a joint and don’t live in Japan, and this kit includes everything the previous kits had and GN condensers right? Thanks in advance

  6. Kuro said

    Thank You Very Much Tom….
    I live in Akihabara and i was completely confused on whether to buy the condenser type or the designers colour ver.
    now i’m convinced to buy this,thank you very much,00 raiser looks very cool with a dual GN-Sword III,good well made english review

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