1/144 HG00 Arios Gundam

The Arios Gundam is one of the four lead Gundams for season 2 of Gundam 00. Of all the mobile suit piloted by Allelujah I still like Arios the most. I like the sharp, sleek look of the Gundam, and the flight mode looks more of a futuristic space fighter. I have a soft spot for anything that transform into a cool looking flight mode.

I should also mention that the first HG kit I’ve build before coming back into Gunpla was the Kyrios. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long and ended up in many parts. ^^;

Also, this is the original Arios without the GNHW/M parts. I founded this model in my HobbyTown USA store, so I’m pretty content with this kit.

Out of the box

You get four full runners, and three small runners plus some foil  stickers.

The build

The torso is fairly simple. I painted the some gray on top of the yellow vents.

The waist is again very simple. I could have painted the yellow parts, but I was lazy to do so… ^^; Forgot to include the clear orb thingy. Interesting note: GN Drive is located here. XD

The arms and legs have quite a few parts. The hands are the same as the HG 00 Gundam. Also included is a closed left fist. The fins on the shin should have some orange, but I have no orange paint, and I don’t think the stickers would look good, so I just panel line it.

Not much to talk about the head, except that I painted the clear part in clear red and trimmed the execess plastic behind the V-Fin.

The weapons. I’m pretty sure you can assemble this without the instructions.

The base that is sometimes included with other 1/144 High Grades.

Complete Model

Complete with topcoat.

Close Ups

Several close ups. In my opinion, while the upper torso seems kinda small in comparison to the lower body, the shoulder blades that hang over the sides balances the looks very well. I love the sleek and sharp look the Arios has.

Twin  Beam Rifle

The main gun for the Arios. Although it sounds like a pew pew gun in the anime. ^^;

The beam rifle looks nice. But the shoulders are pretty wonky. I think it’s because of the shoulder construction, where the joint sits upwards instead of to the side.

GN Submachine

Hidden under the arm guards are two twin barrel sub-machine guns. These are a step up in comparison to the 1/100 Arios since the 1/144 has actual gray barrels.

These are even more of a pew pew gun then the beam rifle haha. But it is still a nice back up weapon.

GN Beam Saber

Stored under the front skirts, the classic beam sabers. And this kit comes with actual beam blades!

Note that the open palm does not come with this kit. I got it from my HG 00 Gundam. And despite all the things sticking out everywhere on this Gundam, he can still strike a pose.

Size Comparison

Size comparison with 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G. And Arios is kinda taller even though 00’s Buster Sword is quite bigger. XD

And a comparison with my other transforming kits. And head height wise, they’re about the same since all three all roughly 19 meters.

Flight Position

Or so it says on the box…

I love the way this flight mode looks. It looks as sleek and sharp as it’s MS mode. It’s a nice update from Kyrios, but a lot less bulkier then Harute. Yea, you can still tell it’s a Gundam from underneath, but it’s still very nice.


Hmm, I wonder why this is never called Pac-Man mode in the anime? It makes more sense! lol…

And a comparison with the HG Delta Plus and the ReZEL.

Arios and Delta Plus makes ReZEL looks chubby lol XD. Arios is a nice break from all the blue and white suits I have on my shelf.

Oh $#!T RUN!

Final Verdict

And that’s my review. Short review, but again, this kit only came with the basics. This is the best version of the Arios besides the GNHW/H version. The only different things with this kit and the Heavy Weapon version is that the GNHW/M has more weapons, but the original Arios has a base and cost 300 yen less. This kit gets a thumbs up from me though! ^.^b Now I want a Master Grade version of this to come out soon.


3 Responses to “1/144 HG00 Arios Gundam”

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  2. bd77 said

    The Arios is a step-up in terms of transformation when compare to Kryios, especially when you look at them from below in their MA mode. XD

    Aww… Too bad your ReZEL pilot didn’t know on how to execute the vector-shooting maneuver like TK-401 (my ReZEL-C pilot).

    • Tom said

      Very true, I still have my old HG Kyrios. Haha, what a very big difference.

      Nah, my ReZEL pilot was the one that got pwned by that Geara Zulu in Gundam UC episode 1 lol.

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