1/144 HGAW Gundam X

The GX-9900 Gundam X, from the anime Gundam X. I didn’t watch the series until this high grade was announced. This is probably my favorite Gundam design from the mid-nineties (screw Wing Gundam ;D). The asymmetry and the giant cannon on the back is very pleasing.

This is the first high grade kit that is not a Universal Central mobile suit, but is part of the line regardless. The second to follow this kit is the HGFC God Gundam (what I mean is that although the line is new, it continues the numbering system of the HGUC kits; for example, this kit is 109, God Gundam is 110 and the Double Zeta is 111.)

Out of the box

Color separation is very good for a kit this scale. All the dark purple are plastic parts instead of stickers and so is the white piece on the chest. A clear green part goes over a sparkly foil sticker on the chest. The insides can have the same sparkly foils, but if you want to paint it, it has really nice details on the parts.

Other things for the kit, including the awesome beam saber. There are some foils to use for the beam rifle, both in rifle and shield mode, and triangles for the knees.


  • The blue is in this tone down, somewhat dark turquoise, color.
  • The yellow I got was really orange yellow. I painted over with regular yellow, but it didn’t change much… =/
  • I painted the rims of both mode for the beam rifle with Gundam Marker Silver (not the plated one).
  • Panel line in black instead of grey.
  • I did some modding to the knee joints to allow further bending, from a 90 degree bend to a 180 degree bend. I got it from here.

Size Comparison

The Gundam X, being a 17 meter suit, should be alittle smaller then the 18 meter 00 Gundam. But against the 20 meter ReZEL it’s tiny, the cannon on the ReZEL Commander Type is the same size as the Gundam plus the  panel of the Satellite Cannon! xD

Beam Rifle

I forget what they call it in the anime… was it a beam rifle, or the buster rifle?

My favorite shot.

Beam Saber

The clear neon(?) green is sculpted pretty cool. It also has a 3D effect too it. But I wish it has some open hands for these poses…

Satellite Cannon – Hover Mode

In all honesty, I still have no idea how the Gundam X can “fly” in the anime… It doesn’t have any thrusters except for the ones in the feet. It looks cool though.

Satellite Cannon Mode

Can’t really do much on the posing. The sparkly foil stickers are very sparkly but, like any foil stickers, they like to peel off.



This is a very good high grade. And it’s very reasonably priced. The HGAW Gundam X Divider is out now, but you shouldn’t pass out on this. If you’re not sure what to get, get this one first. And if you like the design regardless, then get both!


7 Responses to “1/144 HGAW Gundam X”

  1. rndm said

    Technically speaking, I think the “black holes” on the Satellite Dishes are thrusters which makes sense why it has a “flight mode”. Unless I remembered/thought wrongly though. ^^;

  2. canopy said

    Yea, X is a nice unit.. But the beam rifle is somehow to short…, but the main show is its Satelite Canon of course. :) D’you know that the beam rifle can be put on one of those PC parts in its backpack?

  3. bd77 said

    The rifle for this guy is called “Buster rifle” (but not as destructive as Wing’s Buster Rifle).

  4. kiske888 said

    More people need to love X!

  5. C.Jin said

    Now if only they would give this or the DX a master grade…bandai needs to stop neglecting the X series

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