1/144 HGGB Hi-Nu Gundam GPB Color

This is the recolor of the HGUC Hi-Nu released for the Gunpla Builders Beginning G short anime series. I don’t know much about it’s “builder”, but he sounds like a asshole jerk…

It’s also the debut of the Hi-Nu being animated in a Gundam anime. But from what I heard, it’s not as glorious, heard it got it’s butt handed it to it by the Beginning Gundam.

I didn’t plan to get this kit in the beginning. The only reason I have this is because my sister bought this for my birthday (which was nice of her).

Somewhat Out of the Box

It’s somewhat since I had to do some paint application on this kit. Mostly on the vents on the shoulders and side skirts. Other then that, I like the looks of this Hi-Nu. It’s looks sleek with some bulk here and there. Actually, I think this model looks a bit bulkier then the master grade version. While the color scheme is not blue and white, I like this color scheme.


Generic Universal Century armaments: Beam Rifle, Shield, and clear blue short and long beam saber. Obviously, the Fin Funnels are attached to the Gundam, and the beam sabers are stored away in the wings.

Armed Up

I’m not sure what else to say… Shield is bigger then I thought.

Even though it’s not the Nu Gundam, I’m gonna have to agree with Z that the Hi-Nu looks pretty nice on the ground just standing there.

Size Comparison

Even though the Hi-Nu is leaning somewhat, it’s still taller then my other high grades. Well, head height wise.

Beam Rifle

Yes, it is molded in all gray. I must say that this is my least favorite part of the Hi-Nu… It just doesn’t look cool in my opinion. =/

Even though this kit looks good standing still, it doesn’t really pose well on the ground. It’s here that I realize that the head can’t turn much. Well it can, but you start bending the side of the helmet if you go too far.

Final Shot

Hyper Bazooka

Like the beam rifle, it is molded in all gray.

While the trigger can swing  back and forth for different angles, I didn’t have a lot of ideas to pose with the Hyper Bazooka…

Gatling Gun

Nothing much here LOL.

Beam Saber

Beam saber hilts are stored in the wings. Hi-Nu’s arm can bend and somewhat look like he’s about to grab it.

Beam saber is in a pale clear blue. Like the MG Unicorn OVA Version’s beam saber. And you only get one one set for a hilt. Kind of a downer.

The bending range of the arms and legs could have been better. I wished this kit came with some open palms for more dynamic poses…

Go! Fin Funnel!

But only two can be launched… This setup caused me lots of grief, so I only took this picture. -___-“

Final Thoughts

I can sorta give a recommendation for this kit. Being a recolor of the 2007 HG Hi-Nu, unless you don’t like the blue and white colors, I can see this kit being passed on. You’re better off with the original. But, if you do get this, the build is great. The looks of the kit is not too sleek, but not too bulky. It also has a more unique color scheme then the original Hi-Nu. Just be prepare to paint in areas if you want to match the box art. Also know that the kit can be back heavy for some poses, and that the bottom four Funnels CANNOT detach.


14 Responses to “1/144 HGGB Hi-Nu Gundam GPB Color”

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  2. Aya said

    wow I didn’t know only 2 funnels can be detach.

    and Should remove the left arm and Head first for that Final shot scene ;)

  3. Setsunator said

    my Hi-NU keep fall back :( maybe because of heavy Funnels
    do you have same problem too?

  4. canopy said

    Hehey Hi-Nu, I like it. Nicely panel lined Tom. :) Ah if only Bandai gives Hi-Nu’s weapons the same treatment as the Nu Gundam. :( :(

    • Tom said

      Thanks man. And I know what you mean. This is only 300 less then the HGUC Nu Gundam,I wouldn’t mind paying the extra money for two color weapons and detachable Fin Funnels.

  5. Jacques said

    Nice build with the Hi-Nu GPB, I’m tempted to get this together with HGUC ZZ (50% off) from HLJ since they are offering it @ 30% off, which is 700yen cheaper than the original. A very tempting buy there.

  6. Quanza said

    first, it got pwned by Beginning Gundam coz its pilot not build this himself and his butler missplaced the parts. LOL

    and i do love this color scheme rather than the dull white-blue–gray one. i would say this was not GPB color scheme, nut Nu color scheme….

    you paint the yellow right? its really stand out @_@

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