1/144 HGUC Delta Plus (Custom Painted)

Ah Delta Plus. This is one of my favorite designs from Unicorn. I think it’s because of it’s resemblance to Hyaku Shiki.

And, for those who don’t know, this form is what the Hyaku Shiki should have been like in Zeta Gundam. However, because technology for transforming suit wasn’t that great yet, Anaheim Electronics  just made it non transformable and painted in gold.

Anyways, I’ve been wanting this HG ever since it came out, but I held out because I was for sure that a Master Grade was soon on the way. And I ended up caving… but hey, that happens to all of us, right? ^^;

I’m also going to mention that this is my first painted model kit, so it’s not in the out of the box colors. But if you want know what it looks like, good old Dalong got you covered.

Painted Looks

So what I did was replaced all the purplish gray with blue, and add some white. I kept the dark blue just because I though it would match better then dark navy blue. Everything is flat coated after doing some detailing.

Armed and ready for sortie.

Close ups

It’s a little dusty huh. I’m still happy with the work though.


ReZEL is slightly taller then Delta Plus, head height wise.

Hi-Nu should be taller, but he seems a little sorter since he’s leaning.


Standard issued Beam Rifle and Shield.

I though Delta Plus looks a little awkward on the ground, so…

On the action base it goes.

Box art pose, but it was a little hard to move the legs to the right position.

The beam rifle is the exact replica of the ReZEL, with the exception of the peg to connect to the wave rider.

I just really like this pose. ^^

Beam Sabers which are stored in the shield.

Unfortunately, the hip joints don’t really spread out that far. In case you’re wondering, this beam saber blade is borrowed from my HG Hi-Nu.

Hi-Nu’s blade.

And the blade that comes with this kit. Looks dinky in my opinion.

Waverider Mode

This is probably why I like this Mobile Suit design  so much. :)

I’m not good with angles with aircrafts. =/

Londo Bell

Comparison with the waverider of the ReZEL with the Delta Plus. I like Delta Plus more since it looks more of a fighter jet. ^^;

“Break Formation!”

These guys are chillin lol.

Final Verdict

This is a pretty good High Grade. It has a great design, and it can transform, so there are quite a bit of playability. Highly recommended. Definitely get if you like this design, like anything UC, or if you like transforming robot. It doesn’t have the best articulation in the world, the design impairs the motions somewhat. And it is a parts-former. But if you can get over that, then you’ll love this High Grade.

Now Bandai, where is that Master Grade Delta Plus?


10 Responses to “1/144 HGUC Delta Plus (Custom Painted)”

  1. bd77 said

    Having both ReZEL and Delta Plus really put things in perspective, and yes, the Delta Plus is more aircraft like since it was meant for both atmosphere and vacuum flights.

    LoL at the chillin’/last pic. XD

  2. V said

    wow.. nice color scheme there.. adding one more blue destiny in it.. perfect..

  3. Marzz said

    Yes… The waverider mode is damn cool. Are there 4 beam sabers holders at the shield?

  4. daymien said

    Now i got poisoned deeply by your cool delta plus.. Must get a delta plus… LOL

  5. aptkane said

    Very cool! Great work on the poses, action bases are such a great display option.

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