1/144 HGUC ReZEL Commander Type

The ReZEL is the Zeta-like grunt suit for the EFSF. Specifically, Londo Bell. While it does look cool, the fact it gets owned left and right sorta decreases that factor… :/

When Gundam Unicorn episode 1 came out, a lot of people wanted this kit. And then the MG got released, but by then, I didn’t mind wanting the HG. Anyways, I’ve been always wanting this HG in this form or the regular mode, but I got this one at my hobby store, so I feel content.

Out of the Box

Colors you get for this kit is a very nice turquoise blue, gray for the joints, whitish blue for the vents and dark blue for some armor pieces and the big gun.

You also get the Beam Sabers, and parts for parts-forming the mobile suit into wave rider mode. Note that the beam rifle does NOT come with the high grade or master grade version of the ReZEL Commander Type.

Close Ups

While color separations are nice, there are somethings to touch up. I painted in the vent openings with Gunmetal and added some grays here and there. The “v” on the crotch was painted with a silver gundam marker, but I did a bad job with the clean up… >.>

Standard Armaments

This was seen in episode  two of Unicorn. A Commander Type with  a beam rifle and no giant cannon.

The shield has a build in beam cannon too…

ReZEL Box Shoot

Commander Armaments

Giant Hyper Beam Launcher that replaces the beam rifle.

Can’t really do much with this. Despite the fact the connects have many points of articulations, the shoulder joints don’t have a lot of range. And neither does the waist joint.

Beam Saber

Wished the shoulder and waist joints could move a liiittle more for more dynamic poses…

Ore wa Gundam?

Wave Rider Mode

Requires a bit of plug and play, but it’s pretty solid. It’s kinda of boxy though. ^^;

The left overs XD

Final Verdict

Well, what can I say. It looks cool. It transform. This has a lot playability for a cheaper price then the master grade. A get if you’re a UC fan or if like the design or you’re into the whole transforming thing. I can’t really see how you can pass this up… unless you’re going for the master grade version that just got released. (or released at the time this post was made…) ^^;


16 Responses to “1/144 HGUC ReZEL Commander Type”

  1. […] it’s another kit that have build about 2 months ago, so it’s fairly dated now. Go here for the review, or go to the High Grade […]

  2. haha the last pic looks pretty awesome! reminds of santa and his sleigh ^^

  3. Aya said

    So in commander unit you also got the normal Riffle ?

    • Tom said

      The beam rifle does not come with the ReZEL Commader type at all, high grade or master grade. I got the parts to make it by ordering them from Gundam Guy.

  4. nice review.
    don’t really like rezel though.

    by the way, comment for your photo.
    try to use lamp for source of lighting (preferably Do-it-yourself Lightbox) and avoid the blitz light at all cost for better results

    • Tom said

      I know, but I can’t find an unused lamp anywhere around my house. >.<

    • well, I bought myself 2 (kinda extreme >_<)
      and my granpa gave me another desk-lamp

      but now I use reflector (kinda theoritical in photography lesson), I use only 1 lamp.
      well at least avoid the usage of blitz, you could change the brightness of the picture with Photoshop or even Photoscape (simpler way)

  5. How much did u bought it?

  6. Busterbeam said

    hmm! it looks good! green beam saber part PLUS the rifle. maybe i will get this after all! nice pics and poses but i think your pics would look a bit better without the flash.

    • Tom said

      Yea well, when I took these, it wasn’t really bright outside. I’m look around my house for an unused desk lamp or something.

      Now, if it were summer, then that’s another story.

  7. I have this HGUC and it sure pretty cool

  8. Marzz said

    The Rezel does look cool… Although not as cool as Zeta.
    The …….Erm, crotch part decreases the cool factor. XD

  9. Busterbeam said

    i ended up buying this!

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