MG Aile Strike Gundam Version RM


The Strike Gundam itself has many iterations in many different grades and scale. This version of the Strike is essentially the MG Strike Gundam version 2.0 that everyone has been wishing/expecting for some time now. The RM stands for Re-Master, to designate the model as part of the Gundam Seed HD Remaster Project and to not cause confusion with the original MG Aile Strike that came out in 2003.


Despite this kit being a newer release, it shares many parts from the MG Duel that was released before this kit. Than again, in the Gundam Seed universe, the Duel was the first GAT machine produce, with the others following suit. The Strike’s main strength is it’s versatility, using various Striker Pack, it can be outfitted for any combat situation. In the anime, the Strike is mostly seen with the Aile Striker Pack, making it more of a general purpose mobile suit and allowing for greater mobility and limited flight time on Earth.

For this review, the kit will be unpainted with no panel lining or decals. Just the model kit straight out the box with nub marks cleaned off.

DSC09664 DSC09665
DSC09666 DSC09668

Out of the box. The kit contains 15 runner. One cool thing about this version RM is that it also contains the old launch display base that the old MG Aile Strike used. Kit contains your standard issue instruction book, foil and clear stickers and dry transfer decals. One weird thing about my kit is that it came with two sets of clear stickers.


DSC09669 DSC09670

As I mention before about how this kit reuses the a lot of parts from the MG Duel. The torso contains many of this shard parts, with the exception of the outer armor and some pieces of the inner frame. The torso is otherwise very solid.

DSC09673 DSC09674

The head is one of the few new pieces of this kit. The clear forehead camera has a small light piping from the back and front of the head.

DSC09675 DSC09676

The arms are a complete copy and paste from the MG Duel, with some new parts for the shoulder armor. If you didn’t like the hands that came with the MG Gundam Wing EW kits or the MG Duel, than you will not like these hands very much.

DSC09677 DSC09678

The waist section is similar in build to the old MG Strike. I really like how Bandai has been doing these details on the skirt armors, the gray detail just “slot” in from the frame piece on the underside. Side pockets are used to store the Armor Schneider combat knives.

DSC09679 DSC09680

DSC09682The legs are also a copy and paste from the MG Duel minus the ankle joint and armor. One improvement from the old MG Strike is that the ankle armor is now held in place a lot better and is not as prone to pop off as the older MG.

DSC09683 DSC09684

The beam rifle looks more detailed and more sleeker than the old beam rifle. There should be a clear piece for the scope but I left it out since it would have been a pain in the butt to dig it out of the scope.

DSC09685 DSC09686

Copy and paste once more from the MG Duel.


The melee oriented weapons. The blades of the Armor Schneider are shorter but more interesting looking than the old knives from the old MG Strike.

DSC09689 DSC09690 DSC09691 DSC09692 DSC09693 DSC09694 DSC09695

The new Aile Striker Pack is much more detailed compare to the old Aile Striker with more elongated wings. The Aile Striker has sliding parts to expose hardpoints for the Sword and Launcher Pack, along with the extra batteries if you’re in the mood for the Perfect Strike.

DSC09698 DSC09699

Speaking of batteries, Bandai also gave the parts to make the batteries as seen in the Gundam Seed HD Remaster anime.


MG Strike (2003) vs MG Strike (RM) : Inner Frame

DSC09737 DSC09738 DSC09741 DSC09739

Before continuing, I wanted to see how the new Seed X-Frame that the Strike RM use compares with the old Strike’s frame. From a distance, they both have an almost full internal frame, with exception to the feet. Old Strike doesn’t have an internal frame for the head, and Strike RM’s back skirt are held by the armor piece.

DSC09744 DSC09743 DSC09746 DSC09745 DSC09748 DSC09747 DSC09750 DSC09749 DSC09752 DSC09751

A closer look reveals that the Strike RM has some area that lacks some details compare to the Old Strike’s frame and vice versa. Main difference can be seen in the head, torso, shoulder, arms, and waist. Strike RM doesn’t have the sliding thigh that Old Strike has, but it has a better sliding knee mechanic.

Armor On!

DSC09727 DSC09728 DSC09729 DSC09730

Strike RM with armor on. The kit overall has a sleek and somewhat muscular look to it.

DSC09731 DSC09734 DSC09732 DSC09735 DSC09733 DSC09736

Some close ups of the Strike RM. With the armor on, it definitely has the Perfect Grade/Evolve feel to it. The details and sculpt of the kit are mostly from the MG Duel, so you can say that’s where it got most of it’s good looks from.

Armored Schneider

DSC09770Starting off with the knives first!

DSC09772 DSC09771 DSC09773 DSC09774 DSC09776 DSC09777

The handle of the knives can be held with either weapon holding fingers. Articulation is nothing short of great with out the Aile Striker… on the ground. There are some problems with the hip joint and front skirt that can cause some annoyance in posing.


It takes a little fiddling, and popping the hip joints in the lower position, but you can get the Strike RM to do the PG Strike box art pose. I still very much like this pose ^^;.

Aile Striker Pack On!


And hello weight issue.

DSC09754 DSC09755 DSC09756 DSC09757

The new Aile Striker while very nice does have some problems. Besides the obvious weight that causes the Gundam to lean backwards, the wings are prone to splitting due to the black flaps. The wings can also droop anytime on the joint that connects them to the main body of the Aile Striker.

MG Strike (2003) vs MG Strike (RM) : Outer Armor and Aile Striker Pack


While the inner frame might have little difference between the two, there’s no denying the difference in added detail that the Strike RM has over the Old Strike with the outer armor. Old Strike just look so… plain.

DSC09760 DSC09759 DSC09762 DSC09761 DSC09766 DSC09765 DSC09764 DSC09763 DSC09769 DSC09768

The difference in proportion is also apparent. The Old Strike sorta looks chunky and round compare to the more leaner and sleek Strike RM. You can also see the difference in the design for the Aile Striker for both of them. Strike RM has the more better/updated look compare to Old Strike. One thing they both have in common? A heavy backpack that causes weight issues…

Beam Rifle


Starting off with any Gundam’s best friend. Strike’s beam rifle is powered by the Strike itself.

DSC09780  DSC09782 DSC09783  DSC09785DSC09781 DSC09779

Getting the rifle and the trigger finger into the hand is a bit tricky but once you get it in and the thumb in proper place, the rifle is very solid. I wished the shield wasn’t as cumbersome to pose as it is. Also good luck trying to pose this guy on the ground.

Beam Saber


I did find switching fingers to be kinda a bother. But it does look good in certain poses.

DSC09787 DSC09788 DSC09789  DSC09791

For the beam sabers, I used the weapon holding finger with a peg in it. It’s a bit more secure, but it doesn’t stop the handle from being kinda loose in the fingers.

DSC09792 DSC09793 DSC09794 DSC09795

Some dual wielding fun. The shoulder joint in the torso is restricted somewhat due to the Aile Striker.


Sword/Launcher Striker? To Be Continue…

Final Thoughts


Having already build the MG Duel Gundam, I was concern about repetition among the parts. But, their different equipments was enough to feel like two different build. You might be thinking that I’ve been bashing the old MG Aile Strike from 2003 on this review. That MG is a good kit at the time it came out, but it’s an example of a kit that hasn’t aged very well when you compare it to more recent MG.

Some things I noticed after building and playing with the kit:

– The kit uses the same Seed X Frame that the MG Duel used. This frame is also used by the MG Blitz and Buster and to a certain extent, the MG Aegis. It’s similar to the Gundam Wing MGs XXXG Frame that’s used. Same frame with differences here and there, so expect to have a similar build experience. But I will call BS if you’ve build every Gundam Wing MG that used the XXXG frames and you’re complaining about building multiple Seed X Frames.

– The inner frame for the Strike RM uses ABS plastic, which is more harder and tougher compare to the inner frame used on kits like MG Sinanju Stein and MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka.

– If you don’t like the switchable fingers on recent kits, than you might not like the fingers on this kit. If anything, they’re an exact replica of the hands used on the Gundam Wing MGs.

– Weight issue to to be expected for a kit with a big backpack. The kit can stand, but the ball joint that connects the torso to the waist can’t exactly hold, so the whole upper half of the Gundam will be tilting back.

– Reminder that the parts to make the Launcher and Sword Striker Packs are not included in kit. So for those who want to replicate the Perfect Strike, the closest you’ll get with this kit is the extra battery packs. I kinda wished this kit came with a Grand Slam though…


So, if you’re a fan Gundam Seed or just in the market for a Strike Gundam model kit, and the PG Strike is out of your price range, and the RG Strike is too small for you, I would say this MG Strike RM is a must buy. It looks striking and has great playability with the display base and various backpacks from older MG Strike model kits (if you have them that is). If you hate all things Gundam Seed, than stay away…


10 Responses to “MG Aile Strike Gundam Version RM”

  1. […] I’ve been slouching on. The first of this is the MG Strike Version RM, which you can look here, or go the Master Grade tab. Just a heads up, I refer to the 2003 MG Aile Strike as “Old […]

  2. Nice review! Need to get this kit! =3

  3. andre said

    i want to know if the gray shoulder part are really the same? the one that can be raised. caused i lost one part of my new aile strike ver rm, so im planning to buy the old stike with the launcher pack, so i can get the shoulder part and the launcher pack on my aile ver rm?

  4. Atanlf said

    While assembling the torso of my own MG Strike RM, I noted that on assembling the shoulder joints there are stress marks on the tops of the parts that have pegs connecting to the shoulder armor and arms. Will this compromise the structural strength or integrity of those parts? Did you encounter the same thing? Please advise.

    • Tom said

      While I haven’t encounter this problem, you should be careful when you move the parts around.

      • atanlf said

        Could it be just a bad batch of plastic? So if I got “spare parts” there would be a likelihood of this not repeating? Would the structural strength be restored if I used ABS to PS cement to merge the ABS part that is affected ( the one with the peg joining the arm ) with the blue PS piece joining it above?

  5. Chris said

    can u tell mee where i can buy part extra for aile strike ??
    cause i missing some part of aile :(

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