MG FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam

This is one of the earlier Mobile Suit Variations that came out in the early 80s I think. This is a more armored version of the original Gundam that gives it more defense and adds fire power. It doesn’t appear in the anime or the novel.

This MG is based of the Gundam 2.0. Because of that, it has a retro look to it. Before this, there were already GFFs of this Gundam, but you tell why most people weren’t happy that the Gundam version OYW was not used as the base for the Full Armor parts.

Anyways, I’ve been wanting a Gundam 2.0 so I settled for this. For this review, it’s going to be the Full Armor Gundam, since I plan on buying another Gundam 2.0 later. ^^

Armor Up

IMO, this is a nice break from the usual red, white, blue colors. The green has a plastic look to me, but topcoat solved that problem.

Close Ups

If you look closely, you can see some bad nub marks here and there. Some of them are pretty thick. Of course, the nubs on the gunmetal parts are going to show, so the only way to fix it is if you paint all the gunmetal pieces.


Even though the Gundam 2.0 is bulked out with the Full Armor, the Gundam OYW still has the “bulky” look to it.


Mainly pieces for the shield and hyper bazooka and the skirt armors.

Twin Beam Rifle

Shouldn’t it be called “Twin Beam Cannon?”

While the Gundam itself looks pretty good on the ground, it is a little top heavy. You’re gonna need an action base for the aerial poses.

360 mm Rocket Cannon

It goes “BOOM!”

Um yea, you can only do so much with a shoulder mounted cannon… >.>

Triple the fire power?

GN Micro Missiles

Sorta looks like Nerf darts from far away…

“All weapon hatches, fire!”

*tosses away beam rifle*

*pulls out beam sabers* Damn, I forgotten how long these 1/100 scale beams are for regular size Master Grades. XD

Despite the bulkiness of the Gundam, it’s surprisingly still articulate. Well, the waist can’t really rotate far, but still.

I don’t know why, but this is my favorite pose.


*Grabs beam rifle from out of nowhere*



Final Verdict

Few Nip Picky issues:

  • Bad nub marks here and there, especially on the gunmetal parts (very obvious on the barrels of the cannons).
  • The double sided gels aren’t as great, so glue is very help full. Thankfully, it’s only needed on the back of the leg armor, the front chest armor, side skirt armors, and the thingys that go on the side of the knee joints.
  • Be careful with the decaling, I made a mistake by topcoating the Gundam first and then the Full Armor pieces separate so I couldn’t put on all the decals. :(

Other then that, the build was great. You will be impress with the inner frame. It has great articulations with mobility almost the same if the Full Armor parts are on. I totally recommend this kit, whether you’re a Universal Century fan, an Amuro fan, a Gundam 2.0 fan, or you want a Gundam 2.0 with a more unique look.

But if the retro looks really bothers you, you can always get the Full Armor resin conversion kit for the Gundam version One Year War. Just be ready to do a whole lot of painting with that one.


7 Responses to “MG FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam”

  1. […] for the Full Armor Gundam is now up. You can go here or go to the Master Grade […]

  2. bd77 said

    Got to agree with the twin beam cannon, as the word “rifle” doesn’t do justice for its’ looks. =D

    If given a choice between the OYW and the 2.0, I’d go for the OYW design.

  3. aptkane said

    The FA Gundam was one of the first concepts brought forth in MS-V, Mobile Suit Variations. They were only conceptual designs and never put into the field or saw any action. However, the FA Gundam has actually received so much recognition that and has appeared in so many other media (games, mainly) that the ret-conned the thing and now its the only MSV to have known battle data and was used to fight off Shin Matsunga during his post-war assault on Luna 2.

    The funny thing is, the common technical readouts show that the beam sabers were dropped from the design as they use up too much generator and the FA Gundam was mainly used for middle to long range attacks.

    • Tom said

      Really? I didn’t know that the FA Gundam doesn’t use beam sabers. O.o Wait, are you sure it’s not Johnny Ridden, because that’s what the box art and instruction manual shows.

  4. aptkane said

    Well, it doesn’t officially use beam sabers, but look at 0081, where you can set it up any way you want – its not like it would be impossible, it just would affect its power output for the beam cannons and combat time.

    It was Shin’s, but Johnny Raiden’s Zaku is another MS made famous by MSV, to the same effect, so I’m sure that’s why they put it on the cover.

  5. canopy said

    Hoho, now this is rare… I mean the full armor review in English..
    Hey Tom, is the green looks good without the topcoat?

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