MG Unicorn Gundam OVA Ver.

The Unicorn Gundam. If memory serves me correctly, this was the first Gundam I saw on Z‘s blog. And I though, whoa, that looks cool. So you can say that the Unicorn Gundam (and Z)  got me back into the Gunpla hobby.

Anyways, this is the lead Gundam of the OVA series, Gundam Unicorn, which was also serialized as several novels before the OVA was announced. Not sure how the anime series is following the novels, but it’s pretty good so far.

Also, I got this model at a local HobbyTown USA for about $75 US plus sales tax, so about $82 US. It’s not bad, seeing as I  would paid about the same price if I were to buy it online… okay maybe less, but I’m willing to support my hobby store. >.<

Unicorn Mode

As you can see, Unicorn got it’s name because of the fact it’s pretty white, and, of course, the large horn sticking out of his head.

I’m not really fond of how the armor pieces don’t seem too close all the way. Also, this version OVA Unicorn doesn’t come with any ver Ka. decals, but that didn’t stop me from plastering the warning stickers everywhere (used the decal map in the instruction book).

Size Comparsion

Unicorn Mode is surprisingly tall, coming head to head with the MG Zeta Plus A1 and Infinite Justice. And yes, the Unicorn horn beats out the Horn of Justice.


First off, I must say that this Beam Magnum is, like, the coolest looking beam gun in all of Gundam. I’m just saying. :D

The Beam Magnum slides around too much, so I glued the ammo pack to the gun, and now it’s pretty solid.

Beam sabers are in a very pale blue. I painted them in clear blue to remedy that.

I’m going to assume that the beam saber handles slide out of the forearm so that Unicorn can use them in this mode.

The Hyper Bazooka is really long. Looks kinda big for Unicorn mode, but it still looks nice.

Still not creative with bazooka poses… -___-”



Destroy Mode

The Unicorn Gundam can transform into… a Gundam! Well, the head transforms into a Gundam head. And it looks fantastically awesome :D! The transformation of the model kit is tricky, but after several times transforming forms, you get used to it.

During the build, I was pretty fascinated during the build, after seeing this transformed just sheds a tear in my eyes. It looks so good in all angles.


This mode looks much better with the Beam Magnum then the Unicorn Mode.

I’m quite glad I went with the blue beam sabers. Although you can’t really see them sometimes due to the backdrop ^^;.

In Destroy Mode, the sabers on the arms can swing forward and can be used. Pretty effective if you can’t get the handles on the backpack.

Bye Bye Angelo.

As if the arm mounted beam sabers were devastating, the Unicorn can also use it with the backpack sabers for more massive damage.

The bazooka looks normal size in Destroy Mode.

Would you look at that. Unicorn can use all of his weapons effectively in Destroy mode. xD

Last Size Comparison

In Destroy Mode, Unicorn Gundam is the tallest Gundam on my shelf.

Beams out!

Ver Ka. and OVA Ver. difference.

  • Different head pieces for head volcans. Also get a separate open V-Fin.
  • Different back waist armor piece that allows the waist to rotate 360 degrees.
  • different leg armors near the knee that allows the knee to bend slightly more to 90 degrees.
  • OVA version DOES NOT come with Version Ka Decals. But you can buy water slide decals of those if you want.
  • Slightly different colors for the OVA version; Gunmetal-like color for the inner frame, metallic blue (not chrome finished), lighter gray for the weapons.
  • OVA Version has the standard releases (which this review is about) and the HD Colors plus MS Cage. Version Ka has the standard release and the Titanium Finished Version.
  • Both OVA version and version Ka cost the same: 5000 Yen.

Final Thoughts

So my final says. I definitely recommend this kit. Wither you’re a Universal Century fan or an Alternate Century fan, I think this Gundam will please lots of people. There’s not really a lot of difference between the version Ka and the OVA version, so I’ll say get this version if you can’t find the other version. Just know that the transformation can be a bit tricky, but with practice you’ll master that. It doesn’t have a lot of articulations that newer Master Grade has, but it looks great just standing there on your shelf, looking cool.


15 Responses to “MG Unicorn Gundam OVA Ver.”

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  2. bd77 said

    Heh, I have a feeling those who’d bought the Ver Ka. is hitting their heads on the wall, as the OVA ver fixes the waist and knee issues. XD

    The beam magnum, one hell of an overkill gun, one clip per shot? Holy~!

    p.s. the one with all sabers deploy is awesome. =D

  3. Why didn’t you buy the HD Color + MS Cage version?

  4. Shinra said

    Looks good! Yeah, the beam magnum is probably the best designed beam rifle.

    Makes me want to get an OVA Ver and give Unicorn another try… maybe someday!

  5. legyr said

    Good thing I got the OVA ver. of this guy :)

  6. destroyer_gundam said

    Why didnt i buy the ova version >:( I have the ver ka anyways wich one is taller ova ver
    or ver ka

  7. jancee said

    I have an mg unicorn ova version but there’s a problem when its in unicorn mode. the white armor on the knee doesn’t lock into place therefor you can see the red psycho frame inside the knee. please help what could be the problem?

  8. did you paint this model? specifically the weapons?

    or did you just use a flat top coat??

  9. Awesome model. I recently bought the hg full armor unicorn (unicorn mode), and i also bought some water decals for the model. Can you publish or send me the part of the manual that shows where the decals go? cheers and excellent review.

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